How to draw Jack?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 13, 2013
How to draw Jack?

This article will certainly delight all fans of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", and to be more precise, the fans of Jack Sparrow! How to draw the captain Jack Sparrow, who is so loved by all? Read about it in our step-by-step instructions.

  • Draw two ovals: the small one will be the head of the pirate, and the one that is bigger will be the torso.
  • Now you need to draw the captain's hair. Make them confused so that they look like dreadlocks.
  • How to draw Jack Sparrow next? The next step is to draw a mustache and beard. The latter is divided into two parts, the part that will resemble small icicles below.
  • Now you need to paint over Jack Sparrow dreadlocks. As a result, they should resemble a rope.
  • Now start drawing the pirate's left hand. In addition, you also have to draw Jack's nose and one strand of his hair, woven with beads.
  • We draw a small size bandanna that goes down behind Jack's head, and also begin to draw the second sleeve.
  • In order for a pirate to gain sight and speech, let's draw his eyes and mouth.Note that the eyes have a dark eyeliner and a practical perfect shape. When you are done working with the face, draw pants and a shirt, as well as a pistol holster sticking out from under the shirt.
  • Now we need to draw the details of the holster, as well as the belt buckle. The pirate’s left hand must be raised, and rings must be put on her fingers. In the right hand the subject is enclosed.
  • Now went to the detailed work: draw all the details of the buckle, holster, pistol and scarf, tied around the waist of Jack.
  • Here again, there is a drawing of all the smallest details. This is almost a jewelry job.
  • Go back to the head and draw a few more dreadlocks. Now they should hang out from under his bandanas. Paint the beard in the same color as your hair. Draw the details in the clothes before proceeding to the final steps.
  • Now we will deal with the left sleeve of the shirt, namely, the drawing of numerous folds.
  • How to draw Jack at the last stage? The final stage is the drawing of the sword. Well, that's it, Captain Jack Sparrow is ready!

How to draw jack

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