How to draw an oak?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
March 14, 2013
How to draw an oak?

To begin with, as always, choose the location of the future pattern, as well as determine the size of the oak crown and the thickness of its trunk. As soon as all these parameters are known to us, we proceed to work. So how to draw an oak?

Step 1

On the place where there should be a crown, draw a large oval. From the middle of the oval down pull the trunk. It consists of two or three smooth lines that form roots to the bottom. Inside the oval line should form branches. Their image will take about 1/3 crowns. This is a sketch that answers the question of how to draw an oak tree. Now we begin to hone the drawing with the help of additional elements and strokes.

Step 2

To begin with we make out the crown. Along the contour of the oval we draw zigzag semicircular lines - the tops of the foliage. The same lines should be located inside the oval, where we drew the branches of the tree.

Step 3

Transform the barrel. Along it and the branches draw zigzag lines, sometimes connected in ovals and circles. This is the bark of the tree, so the lines can intertwine with each other. The more of them, the older the plant looks.

Step 4

Let's go back to the oak crown. It's time to mark the foliage. We do this with the help of the same zigzag lines that marked the contour of the crown. Now they will be inside the oval, forming semicircles. The more such lines, the leaves on our tree seem thicker.

Step 5

Now it remains only to color the picture and optionally add additional elements to it: grass around a tree, a flower glade, clouds in the sky, the sun or birds. It all depends on your imagination.

Another option is to draw an oak in stages:

How to draw oak

Now you know how to grow a real tree on a simple sheet of paper.

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