How to draw on coffee?

After a cup of coffee with foam, which is executedgraceful drawing, there is not only a pleasant taste, but also a good mood, inspired by a beautiful image. Creation of drawings on coffee is called latte-art, this word has come from Italian "milk" and "art". Real barists know how to draw coffee to make a beautiful and distinct drawing.

In order to do this art, it will take quite a bit:

  • coffee;
  • whipped cream or milk foam;
  • Coffee cup;
  • skewers for drawing;
  • stencils or confectionery syringe;
  • cocoa powder, cinnamon or chocolate syrup.

There are several methods for applying an image to the surface of an invigorating drink.

Classic latte art

Classic latte art is based on the techniquemixing the whipped milk with espresso while making cappuccino. At first we make a preparation, pouring milk foam into coffee. Get a white spot of the desired form on a dark background. The basic figures in the classical latte-art are hearts, circles, ovals and flowers. It is important that the espresso is thick, and the milk cream or cream is well whipped. This will create clear drawings that do not spread until the drink is drunk to the bottom. Taking a thin sharp stick (for example, a toothpick or a wooden skewer), it's time to start creating. Submerging the wand to the desired depth and applying strokes on the surface, you can make drawings for coffee of any subject.


The most complex, but very effective method of applyingpatterns, is engraving. As a drawing substance, you can use melted chocolate or a thick fruit syrup. We pour the syrup into the confectionery syringe with the thinnest nozzle and give vent to fantasy. It is important that your hand does not flinch. In order to make the drawings beautiful, you may need a certain skill. After the application of the chocolate contour, you can still work a little over your future masterpiece, applying additional zigzags and vignettes with the help of a stick. Knowing how to make a drawing on coffee is useful in order to surprise your guests with an exquisite drink with a wonderful image of a flower, a heart, or some other unexpected pattern.

Screen Method

There is an easier and faster way to createcoffee masterpiece. To do this, you need a special stencil - a cover with slits forming a pattern. Effectively it will look like a chocolate silhouette on a snow-white milky foam. This method for mocha coffee, which, with an additional chocolate note, will become a tasteful and iconic masterpiece is also very good. Since it's very easy to make drawings for coffee with a stencil, even an unprepared person will cope with the task from the first try.

Drawings can be made not only from cocoa powder,but also from cinnamon, it, moreover, will give the drink a special flavor and charm. On a dark surface of espresso it is possible to put a snow-white picture from sugar powder or vanilla. The author's fantasy here is also unlimited. Stencils can be made from cardboard or purchased from the store.

The art of drawing on coffee has become verypopular all over the world. Since 2004, even held championships in latte-art. The last World Cup was won by Australian Scotty Kalagan, who produced 6 identical drawings, turning to coffee cups with his back. In solid coffee houses in Europe, some visitors are ready to pay 100 euros for a cup with a drawing prepared by a professional barista. But even without being a professional, you can deliver great pleasure to yourself and your loved ones by making a wonderful drink with a charming, but unfortunately short-lived pattern.

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