How to embed a gas stove in the countertop: step by step instructions

Embedded household appliances are no longer considered something extravagant and exotic. On the contrary, the choice of certain embedded kitchen appliances is much more preferable for many, since it leads to many advantages. A small kitchen, equipped to the standards, due to the large amount of equipment often looks cluttered. Hidden household appliances are able to make the interior harmonious and stylish.

 to build a gas stove in the countertop

Built-in gas stoves

These kitchen appliances are independent or dependent modules that are located in a cupboard or countertop. This solution allows you to significantly save space in the room. The built-in stove will be in perfect harmony with the furniture, hood and other kitchen appliances.

In the dependent models of this technology, the oven and the hob are connected, so they are located side by side in the kitchen: there is a gas hob on the top and an oven from below.

Independent option is more mobile.The hob and oven work autonomously, so you can embed a gas stove of this type anywhere, even outside the countertop.

Advantages of embedded gas stoves

Before considering the question: “How to install a gas stove in a cupboard or countertop?”, You need to find out all its pros and cons. Consider first all the advantages of this technique.

  1. First of all, it is an opportunity to arrange kitchen equipment comfortably, compactly, without overloading the room with dimensional equipment. This is especially true in small kitchens.
  2. The hob and worktop combined with a common worktop look very aesthetically pleasing. The oven door is flush with the doors and drawers of the kitchen unit, which is very harmonious. The kitchen becomes more spacious. In this case, the detached gas stove in the kitchen will clearly be the loser.
  3. In a solid tabletop without cuts, garbage and grease are not clogged in the cracks that are always around individual plates. With built-in equipment for cleanliness, just wipe the surface. Doesn't every hostess dream about this?

Disadvantages of kitchen appliances

The main disadvantage here is the high cost, because, in addition to the financial costs of purchasing the equipment itself, there is still a need to purchase new kitchen furniture. Yes, and professional installation is not cheap.

You can build a gas stove yourself, but you need to remember that violation of the rules of installation can lead to very disastrous consequences.

Sizes of built-in gas stoves

Before you install the gas stove in the kitchen, you need to find out its size. It depends on how many burners are located on it. The most common are surfaces with 4 burners. Average values ​​for them:

  1. Depth is 45-55 cm.
  2. Plate height - 3-10 cm.
  3. Width - 50-60 cm.

Consider how to build a gas stove in the kitchen yourself.

Tools and materials required for installation

To install the gas device yourself, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • the panel itself;
  • measuring device;
  • sealant;
  • pencil;
  • adjustable keys;
  • saw or jigsaw for woodworking;
  • level;
  • gas winding;
  • certified steel hose;
  • fasteners.

how to build a gas stove in the kitchen

How to embed a gas stove in the kitchen?

Photos of the surface itself and some stages of the work are presented to your attention in the article. Before you install the stove, it is important to choose its location. You should be guided not only by how this object will fit into the interior of the kitchen, but also by the fact that:

  1. A prerequisite for installation is free access to the cooking surface of fresh air.
  2. It must be remembered that you can not install a gas stove near the sink, because water should not be splashed onto the heated surface when washing dishes.
  3. Also, it is undesirable to put the gas hob near the refrigerator, as its wall will heat up.
  4. The hob must be located in the kitchen at a safe distance from other furniture components.

build a gas stove

Sawing hole

Before you install the gas stove in the countertop, you need to make a hole. This process is not difficult.

  1. In order to install the surface with your own hands on the tabletop, one should first of all know its dimensions. As a rule, they are listed in the instructions, so nothing needs to be invented.Also measurements can be made independently. To do this, you need to flip the panel and with the help of a tape measure to determine its length and width along the inner edges.
  2. When working pay attention to the fact that the instructions give the values ​​of the minimum indents from the edge of the tabletop. You can only change them in a big way, because a too narrow edge can break off after a while.
  3. Now, according to the dimensions of the gas stove, you need to make a marking on the tabletop using a tape measure, a pencil and a square. It is necessary to make sure that all the lines are parallel and the angles are straight. The panel will be built in this place.
  4. We are drilling a hole where the cutout will start from. It is made using an electric jigsaw. For an even cut, it is recommended to use a file with small sharp teeth. Otherwise, the edge of the cut may crumble. If there is no sawing, you can use a hand mill for work, round off the corners with a radius cutter, and grind the cuts.
  5. Sawdust formed during operation can be easily collected by vacuuming.

After the hole is ready, you need to try on the hob to make sure that everything was done exactly and correctly.

Sealing and sealing

Before you install a gas stove, you need to process all the cuts with nitro lacquer or silicone sealant, which will save the tabletop from premature damage, wetting, dirt, swelling. You can also use a self-adhesive sealer that performs the same function. It is glued on top so that the edges of the hob lie on it.

For sealing the edges, you can also take aluminum tape, which also protects the countertop from temperature changes. Remember that high-quality sealer can extend the life of the tabletop, and it does not need repair or replacement.

how to build a gas stove in the closet

Connection to the gas stove top

Consider how to embed a gas stove in the countertop (photo of some stages in the article).

When installing the stove, it must be remembered that all work associated with gas is very dangerous and requires compliance with all established safety regulations and instructions.

One of the important moments is the right choice of a special hose for connecting the plate. They are metal, selfonovye and rubber. The hose must be certified and must be purchased only in a special store.

So, how to build a gas stove in the countertop?

Before you begin to install the plate, you need to carefully examine it. It is very important that she does not have any mechanical damage. If they are not found, you can start working.

Build a gas stove is easy. For this you need:

  1. Insert the device into the hole prepared for it.
  2. Using adjustable wrenches, connect the gas hose to the gas tap. In order to avoid gas leakage, the connection point must be wound with a gas underwire.

how to build a gas stove in the kitchen set photo

3. Connect the second end of the hose to the hob. Note that the outputs can be of two options, one of which is for a balloon device.

how to build a gas stove in the kitchen

5. After the device is connected to the gas line, you need to open the gas valve. Smear the joints with soapy water to help you understand whether there is a gas leak or not. If the lather is still, then everything is fine.

6. Check all burners.

build a gas stove yourself


Observing safety precautions will avoid irreparable mistakes. We offer some tips:

  1. Gas hose is better to choose a length of not more than 3 m.Connecting hoses is prohibited.
  2. If you wish to move the gas stove to another room, it must be coordinated with the appropriate authorities.
  3. To check the tightness of the hose, which comes from the gas line, you can not use open fire. This error can be fatal!

So, we looked at how to build a gas stove in the kitchen set on our own. Before performing work, it is desirable to evaluate their abilities and skills. If there is any doubt that you can do this, then it is better to turn to professionals. However, it should be noted that the installation process itself is not at all difficult and practically everyone will be able to cope with such a task. Most importantly, try to carefully read the instructions and purchase all the necessary tools and materials.

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