How to fall in love with a girl?

The question is very ambiguous. Many masters, who have become popular in the last years of the pickup, say that with the help of their behavior and speech you can get anything, including any girl. Scientific psychology distinguishes this knowledge (knowledge of “pickup” techniques) in a completely separate category. Psychology of manipulation.

All questions and answers on the topic, how to fall in love with a girl, the former including herself, or how to make a girl or boy fall in love relate to questions and answers about manipulation.

Manipulation with other people is primarily an indicator of an immature or non-adult person. Moreover, such a psychological attitude reveals a person from a vulnerable side. Simply put, if I cannot build a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend, then I will resort to specially designed techniques and tricks to deceive some kind of warm feelings in a person and subordinate him to my will. It makes no sense to say that relations built initially on such a position will not bring anything but a feeling of devastation and dissatisfaction with themselves.Remember that such a relationship is doomed, since it is impossible to force a girl to fall in love with a girl or boy with a girl. Once again, after the relationship is lost, the person will find confirmation of his helplessness. This will greatly affect his self-esteem, which in turn will seriously affect the level of attractiveness of a person. Many believe that having mastered the techniques of manipulation, they will successfully go along their own path in life. In the first couple can be. But the accumulation of such incorrectly built up relations will lead to the rupture of all these ties. This means complete loneliness.

Despite the views of scientific psychology, which is used to finding support in the facts, and following the goals of our article, let us turn to ways of how to fall in love with a girl. Such behaviors also work on social networks on the Internet, yes, yes, today you can even find out how to fall in love with a girl on the Internet.

Thoughts of a successful manipulator

  • “I’m a hard-to-reach person, so all girls should push me.”
  • "You know how much you are worth. And of course you are very expensive."
  • "I will never show her my love and sympathy. Let her suffer and think that she is indifferent to me."
  • "Give her what she wants. Then she will be afraid of losing you and what you give her."
  • "Never give yourself to a person completely. Keep your distance. Let her strive to take possession of you."
  • "Manipulate to the fullest! Be sometimes fully accessible, and sometimes completely closed and cruel."
  • "Make her jealous. Let him know that women are delighted with you."
  • "Be ambiguous. Always change your mind. The more you confuse her, the more she will have thoughts about you, the more will be dependence on you."

Well then. Suppose you succeed, following the thoughts of a successful manipulator, and entangled another innocent victim of your immature personality in your networks. Now, any real manipulator must check if a girl is really in love with him.

How does a girl in love behave

  • Sbivchivaya speech when communicating with you - the girl speaks timidly and hesitantly - an excellent indicator of your manipulative abilities - the girl does not know what to say, because she is well aware that everything that she will say will immediately undergo evaluation and criticism.
  • The girl constantly corrects her hair, makeup and clothes - God forbid something is wrong and she will no longer be perfect for you - and for you there can be no other, because "you are expensive".
  • A girl never tells you something that could hurt you - it's great - now she is your safe communication zone, which does not contain a hint of sincerity.

Here are some signs that will be noticeable immediately. I hope you manage to identify a girl in love. But do not forget that this is a short-term period, which develops into another form of interaction, where your manipulatory abilities will be ineffective if you have worked out and brought to the highest level.

The best strategy in personal relationships is the sincerity strategy. If you hide the true motives of your behavior, you will never feel happy with any girl, no matter how good she is. Download recommendations on how to fall in love with a girl in yourself, of course, you can, now there are a lot of them.

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