How to find out about treason?

August 22, 2014
How to find out about treason?

More recently, your happy marriage nothing darkened, but now clouds appeared on the horizon, and suspicions crept into your soul: what if your partner changes you? How to learn about the betrayal of a wife or husband? Let's figure it out together.

Cheating wife

  • Restriction of personal space. If before that the wife allowed you to take her phone in peace, get into her accounts on social networks, view your mail, now all this will be prohibited. Spouse will be secretive, scattered. She will have her own affairs and secrets in which she does not want to dedicate you. She will spend much less time with you.
  • The wife will pay special attention to her appearance. She will often visit a beauty salon, carefully take care of herself, do a manicure and pedicure, acquire new clothes and beautiful clothes. The woman will disregard your compliments about the appearance - after all, this is not done for you.
  • How to find out about cheating on your wife? Your spouse may behave differently in bed. Either it becomes cold, or, on the contrary, overly passionate.A wife may start to take too much care of you — she will do it to atone for her betrayal.
  • Sometimes, on the contrary, the wife will be indifferent to you. She will avoid kisses, hugs, caresses. A spouse can ignore your calls, love messages, although earlier these manifestations of love would please her. In short, pay attention to any dramatic change in the behavior and habits of your faithful.

Treason husband

How to find out the betrayal of her husband? The behavior of changing men and women is much the same, so read the first part of the article and try to apply these recommendations to your man. There are other features by which you can learn about male treason.

  • Frequent delays at work. Your husband often began to take overtime work, go to meetings or even go on business trips. However, the money in the family did not increase, on the contrary, there was more spending - after all, the lover should be entertained, give her gifts.
  • Husband moved away from you, sexual contacts became much less. Husband throws out his sexual energy in another bed.
  • You have found signs of another woman: traces of lipstick, the smell of perfume, traces of passionate kisses, love sms.Be careful, and signs of treason will not escape you.

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