How to force the engine?

Afterburner engine is called the increase in its power through various technical manipulations. In this article, you will learn how to force the engine on the example of the domestic car VAZ-2108 - which has already become the legendary "eight".

How to force the engine VAZ 2108

It's no secret that manufacturers often deliberately limit the capabilities of car engines. As for VAZ cars, the aforementioned applies to them fully, so in order to perform a full afterburner of a VAZ engine, you will have to spend a lot of money. A reasonable option afterburner involves the initial reinstallation of the software (software) of the control unit, because, first of all, it is the factory electronics that blocks all engine capabilities.

You can, for example, carry out the so-called "Chip tuning" - so-called reprogramming of engine management software in the "Sport" mode. This one procedure will increase the power of your “eight”, “nine”, “viburnum” or “priors” engine by more than a quarter.For those who prefer mechanics rather than electronics, we offer the so-called “MD-Tuning”. This procedure is to install additional elements in the design of the engine. More specifically, you need to install a special additional chamber between the intake manifold and the throttle assembly of the engine. This design will increase the power of your engine by about 30%.

Finally, a third, slightly less efficient afterburner method is based on optimizing the fuel mode. This means that you need to install special electronic equipment that will enhance the combustion process. That is, gasoline will burn almost completely due to the ionization of air that enters the engine along with the fuel, creating the so-called fuel-air mixture. Such optimization will lead to an increase in the power of the “engine” of your car by about 15-20 percent, depending on the quality of the equipment. The positive point of this afterburner is not only an increase in power, but also a decrease in fuel consumption.

Fast and the Furious - Pros and Cons

Many are interested in how to force the engine in such a wayso as to increase the power to avoid various troubles. Consider in detail the positive and negative points. As for the positive sides, for such a brand as a VAZ, the engine afterburner gives a number of advantages: it is, first of all, a significant enrichment of the fuel mixture, which increases not only the power, but also the stability and durability of the engine, which is much more important for many . It also provides a more stable engine operation at idle and the acceleration dynamics are significantly improved. With the right afterburner, you can even wonder at first how much faster the car began to gain momentum.

As for the disadvantages of this procedure, they are directly dependent on the location of the afterburner. High-quality engine tuning is harmless to a car - this must be remembered, however, you also need to take into account the fact that no one will make a good afterburner cheap, except that the best friend is a craftsman. If you are offered to tune the engine VAZ less than 200 cu, then you need to think and check the reputation of this technical center. The fact is that for such an amount you can produce an afterburner, of course, and the engine power will actually increase by 25 percent.However, this will not take into account, for example, the increased load on the transmission, which also needs to be refined. Remember that any node, one way or another connected with the engine, also needs to be improved after tuning the engine itself. Therefore, make an afterburner in a good service center and do not save on this procedure, so that you do not complain about breakdowns and do not spend even more money to eliminate them.

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