How to get rid of acne folk remedies?

Horrible pimples on the face really spoil usa life! Jump out in the most unnecessary place, and yes even a red spot on the face! And these white wives are disgusted when you look at your skin in the mirror. At this moment, you think: "Well, why was my neighbor Olka born with such pure skin ?! How does Marinka conjure her ideal face ?!" Let's and we pokolduem above it with the help of proven grandmother's advice ...

How to get rid of acne folk remedies - herbs

  1. The simplest means of herbs is their juice! We need to remember the herbs that have antiseptic and antiviral effect, because acne and acne on the face have a viral nature. But despite this, we caution you against using the juice of onions and garlic, as this threatens to burn out the lesion on the skin. Take the juice of Kalanchoe or aloe. These medicinal plants will help get rid of acne in 3 days. Wadded wand dip in the juice of plants and very carefully lubricate the pimple, without affecting the healthy skin!
  2. It will be more difficult to make a decoction of medicinalherbs. To get rid of acne such a folk remedy can be pretty quickly. Prepare one of the following plants: calendula, sage, birch buds or St. John's wort. These herbs also have antiseptic properties. Brew them in boiling water and make a fairly strong infusion. You can prepare on their basis alcohol tincture with the addition of a few drops of honey, so that the effect is softer. Treat these folk remedies precisely acne, and not healthy skin!
  3. Essential oils are also suitable for lubricating affected areas of the skin. A good effect will be from eucalyptus, lavender, fir and tea tree oil.

How to get rid of acne folk remedies - masks

  1. About the mask of vegetables and fruits everyone knows fromfamous movies, where beautiful ladies put their lobes of food on their faces and waited for the result. And, incidentally, knowingly waited ... Here is one of the recipes: make a well-polished skin of a cucumber gruel, and you can cucumber juice, and wipe them with acne areas up to several times a day. Those who are true, that they do not threaten the allergy, can take advantage of the juice of strawberries, strawberries and various citrus fruits.
  2. Make a face mask by mixing 1 tablespoon of yeast and starch, add to them 3 tablespoons of natural yogurt, 2 drops of thyme and mint oil, 1 teaspoon of natural lemon juice. Such a slurry should be applied to the face, peppered for 15 minutes. After that, rinse the mask with acne with warm water.
  3. Use also a cleansing mask thatdry your pimples. Mix 2 teaspoons of oatmeal with 1 egg whites. Leave this mask on your face before it dries. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Folk remedies for pimples are checkedexperience, so they can boast of their effectiveness. But remember, everyone's skin is different, and it's better if you select a folk remedy taking into account the features of your skin and its condition at the moment.

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