How to install video surveillance?

The whole complex of equipment for video surveillance consists of a video camera, a recorder, a power supply unit and a monitor. The latter is selected based on the number of cameras, and therefore the number of simultaneously viewed images. But the possibilities of the monitor are limited and if there are many surveillance cameras installed in the house, then a multiplexer is needed. It allows you to simultaneously monitor with more than nine cameras. So, how to install video surveillance?

Work on the installation of a video surveillance system should start with the cable route. It is important that in the area from the video camera to the building they are invisible, and the probability of their intentional damage is reduced to zero. The power supply unit is preferably located inside the building in order to be able to freely connect to the 220V network. From the power supply to the camera (cameras) surveillance go wires with a voltage of 12V, which pose no danger. In the case of installing the unit on the street, care should be taken to ensure its tightness and the safe installation of 220V wires that will provide power for it.

In our country, a special cable is produced, which includes wires for various purposes (for both the video signal and the supply voltage of 12V). It is convenient for installation and maintenance. If you have to bring the 220V wire to the street, you should take care that it does not affect the quality of the video signal by making a separate installation. In any case, the wires should be placed in special PVC pipes to protect against possible damage.

How to install a surveillance camera?

After choosing a place for the video camera, its installation begins. First, preparing the seat of the camcorder. If it is located in a brick, then it should be noted that the cell dimensions should exceed the dimensions of the camera by 5-8 mm in width and height, and in depth - by 2 cm. From the cell to the opposite part of the brick structure (column, fence wall, etc.), we make a hole for the wires to the junction box. In it, regardless of the place of installation of the power supply unit, the wires of the surveillance camera are connected to the building. Wires in the area from the PVC hose to the wiring box are protected with an insulating corrugated hose.In the end, all this is placed in the cable channel, which we fix on the wall with dowels.

Now we proceed to the installation of a surveillance camera. This part of the work is designed for two. Having connected the camera with the monitor, it is necessary to choose the optimal location of the camera, which would cover the widest range of inspection. In this case, one person rotates the camera, and the other, watching at the monitor, directs the actions. A small amount of the solution is placed in the cell for the video camera and in the selected position the video camera is fixed until the solution is set.

How to install video surveillance at home?

The first step is to determine the installation location of the camera, power supply and DVR; mark the path of the connecting cables; designate the power source for the power supply. How to choose the right place for a surveillance camera was previously considered. Install a video camera can be attached to a wall or ceiling. In the brickwork, a perforator and a dowel method of fastening are used, for drywall there are enough corresponding self-tapping screws. The cable can be laid in baseboards or using cable channels.Particular attention should be paid to the power channels that already exist in the apartment. They should be circumvented to avoid interference with the broadcast of the video signal to the monitor.

After completing all the connection operations, you can turn on the power to the camera and turn on the DVR. If everything is done correctly, then an image from a video camera will appear on the monitor. It remains to adjust the direction of the cameras, read the instructions of the DVR in order to configure and enable recording mode.

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