How to insulate the floors in a wooden house: thermal insulation system. Heated floors in the bath and on the balcony

A private house made of wood has become a dream of many modern people. Environmentally friendly housing with all the amenities will delight anyone. In such a building, even the air is much cleaner than in a stuffy apartment. In a private house, you yourself can create comfort. For example, this article will tell you how to insulate floors.

Required tools

How to warm the floors in a wooden housePreparation is a necessary step in any process. Before you warm the floor in a wooden house, you need to stock up on tools and accessories. Some of them will be needed by the master throughout the process. The list consists of the following elements:

  • drill with various nozzles for drilling;
  • level from 2 meters long (many use a laser device for convenience);
  • screwdriver - a tool with a talking name;
  • homemade rake from 1 to 2 meters (as a material for manufacturing, you can take wood or metal);
  • mixer for mixing solutions;
  • planer for planing boards;
  • electric jigsaw for sawing;
  • ordinary saw.

As auxiliary things you need to prepare a small sharp knife, a pencil, a jib and a tape measure.

A detailed description of some devices is given for people who are not professionals in construction.

The most common method of flooring

Most often, masters prefer a dual system. From the name it follows that it is necessary to make two layers. The first is recommended to build of boards that are adjacent to each other and create a flat surface. You can use slabs or cheap unpolished material. A layer of sand or sawdust is laid out on top of the resulting structure. Then all covered with special paper purchased in the store building materials, or cardboard.
The second layer must be clean and made of a material suitable for cleaning. As a rule, most builders use hewn softwood boards, pre-treated with an antiseptic.They are laid so that there is a distance of at least 4 centimeters between the two layers. The space contributes to ventilation and protection against some unpleasant consequences, such as the formation of fungus. Between boards in the top layer there should not be cracks. In extreme cases, they must be eliminated with a putty for wood.

Advantages and disadvantages of double gender

The main advantage is the durability of this design and excellent thermal insulation. If the flooring is made correctly, the floors will not need additional warming. Sand or sawdust will always be found on any site, so there will be no problems with insulation.

We warm the floors in a wooden houseThe disadvantage of this method is the high price of boards. A double layer will also significantly reduce the height of the room. Moreover, without helpers and the necessary tools, it is not easy to warm the floors by this method.

Dismantling an existing coating

As a flooring on the foundation is used ruberoid. This material is perfect in order to protect the sand, which will be on top, from excess water. We level the bulk product with a shovel or rake, then we put a thick polyethylene film and fix it on the base with a construction stapler.Construct the flooring of the penoplex so that there are no holes left. Possible gaps should be eliminated without fail. Penoplex is perfect for floor insulation, as it can save heat for a long time and is an ecological material that is not capable of causing harm to health. Next, you need to make two layers of chipboard. In this way, we warm the floors in a wooden house and significantly save money.

Tips for beginners

The quality of work should be given special attention. Good flooring is an excellent indicator of comfort. Residents of a private house always need to have some skills, this will make it possible to do without wage workers. Creating the right flooring in a wooden house is not easy, but very important, so beginners should know a few simple things.
1. When choosing materials, it is worth buying only high-quality and wear-resistant products, this is the only way you can ensure the long life of the entire structure.
2. If the owner of the house wants to lay a parquet or a wooden floor of the deck type, it is necessary to leave a gap between the wall and the flooring, the size of which is 1 centimeter.
3At hand should always be tools that may be needed in case of possible deformation of the floor structure. This way you can fix the problem yourself.
4. If the insulation of floors occurs using logs, then it is advisable to choose mineral wool as a layer, which is distinguished by excellent construction characteristics. The material is also able to provide heat insulation for a long time.

Warming floors with linoleum

How to insulate cold floorsMany owners of wooden houses are trying to choose the most economical way to improve their homes. Especially for such citizens it is worth considering how to warm the floors in a wooden house with the help of linoleum, which is considered the most practical and profitable material. Anyone can afford it, regardless of income. The easiest way to warm the floor with linoleum. If you use only rolled material, you will get rid of drafts. The quality of heat insulation directly depends on the thickness of linoleum. Many use a multi-layered and more practical option for floor insulation.

Polystyrene insulation is laid as the base, then sheets of fiberboard or plywood are installed in two layers. Now it's time to put a layer of linoleum.

This method is relevant for those who do not want to disassemble the existing floor construction and wants to independently perform insulation. This technology is often used in homes where it is not recommended to create additional pressure on the floor. We considered how to properly insulate the floor using linoleum, now we should talk about other methods.

Dry screed

How can you insulate the floorsThe technology can be called a two-layer cake consisting of filling and sheet material. As the first element, one of the components is most often used:

  • quartz sand;
  • slag (fine-grained perfect);
  • screenings from expanded clay (has the most current characteristics in operation).

First you need to lay on the basis of concrete film of polyethylene with overlapping walls. If necessary, you can get a good sound insulation by attaching several strips of mineral wool to the walls.
On top of the film expose small beacons, the distance between which should be 1 meter. They are fixed to a solution of plaster, and then leveled. In this system, height differences are undesirable.
In the resulting niches fall asleep insulation and level it. Sheets of DVP, GVL or plywood are fastened over the bulk material. Now it's time to finish.
Before insulating floors in a wooden house in this way, you should take into account that a dry screed is not suitable for use in a bathroom or kitchen, because loose material is afraid of moisture.

Advantages of the dry screed method

This technology is used if it is not possible to install a double floor system, and it is necessary to warm the concrete structure in a short time. Installation does not take a lot of time. This method will help save money, as you can insulate cold floors in this case yourself.

During installation, all materials and the base of the floor must be dry. This means that you do not need to spend time in order to dry and process them.

The main advantage of the method is also cleanliness, since the dirt is almost not allocated.

How to warm wood floorsThe advantages of dry screed include environmental friendliness and affordability of materials used.

We warm the floors in a wooden house in this way throughout the year, regardless of the season, while low temperatures do not interfere with work. This is another plus.

Insulation is expanded clay. Due to the lightness of the material, the scope of application of this method is greatly increased. Many prefer to use a dry screed on the second or third floor, as well as in the attic.

Advantages of a warm floor system

This method of insulation is widely used at present. With the system, you can improve every corner of your home. If the warm floor is installed around the perimeter, there is no need to use heaters. As you know, demand creates supply, so manufacturers are ready to offer us different types of systems.
The main advantage is the uniformity of heat. In addition, the system will protect the room from cold and drafts. Most often, this design is liked by mothers with small children who have begun to crawl or like to play on the floor. During operation of the system, you no longer need to worry about the health of babies.

Electric floors

This type is divided into the following varieties:

  1. Cable
  2. Infrared.
  3. Matte.

The basis of the first element is a cable in a special sheath.It is laid on a cement-sand screed and is most often used for multi-level floors. Such floors can completely replace the heater.

In a matte version, a cable is mounted on a grid. On top of the system you can only lay tiles made of ceramics. Mats are easy to install, it does not need to spend a lot of time. The floors are heated very quickly and are used in baths, saunas, swimming pools.

Infrared film includes cellophane with embedded copper conductors. The top layer can be laminate, parquet, carpet and linoleum. Most often, such a system is used for floor insulation in the nursery, as it does not cause allergies.

All these types are perfect not only to create comfort in wooden houses, they are widely used in saunas and on glazed balconies.

Water electric floor for a bath

Such a system includes a heating element, in the role of which are pipes filled with water. This type of insulation is much more profitable and simpler than the electric and infrared type, but its installation is much more difficult. In addition to pipes, it is necessary to purchase a pump, high-quality thermostats, an electric boiler and several temperature ones.Before insulating floors in a bath using this system, you need to choose the material from which the pipes will be made. They can be copper, polyethylene or metal-plastic.

Correct floors in a wooden houseIf you want to install such a system in the bath, it is worth considering that its level in each subsequent room should be different from the previous one. To preserve heat, the floor in the steam room is set higher by 15 cm than in the washroom, where the system exceeds the resulting structure in the locker room by 3 cm.

As you know, the bath is a fire-hazardous structure, so it is built away from residential buildings. Keeping the right temperature for a long time in a small building is difficult, but if you install the installation of a floor heating system correctly, all the rooms will find comfort. Comfortable conditions make any place desirable for visiting. Since not everyone can warm the floors in the bath, it is better to take an experienced assistant. Together you can cope much faster with work.

How to insulate the floors on the balcony

For these purposes, many use foam polystyrene (foam) - a material that everyone can work with.It is most often used as a floor insulation in various rooms. Polyfoam - rather durable material which possesses resistance to ignition. This characteristic makes it possible to lay it in ordinary rooms, in attics and balconies.
Before insulating the floor with foam plastic, in addition to the base material, it is necessary to prepare a bar, foil, plywood and purchase mounting foam to fill the gaps. First of all, the slab is covered with foil so that the mirror side is on top. Then at a distance of 50 cm bars are installed, the size of which is 40 x 40 mm. The resulting cell is laid foam, and foam filled slots. Next is the installation of the second layer of timber. It should be perpendicular to the first, since this solution allows you to create an air cushion that will provide additional thermal insulation. After that, plywood is installed on the last layer of the timber. Now the floor can be covered with linoleum or laminate. We considered how to warm the floors on the balcony, now it is worth making a few conclusions.


There are a large number of methods that contribute to creating a comfortable environment in different rooms.Since it is difficult to warm the floors in a wooden house, you should choose the most profitable and suitable option for yourself. If the financial situation allows you to install electric floors, it is best to buy this particular system. The most budget way is dry screed. Each technology has its advantages.
We have already considered how to warm wooden floors, now it is worth trying to do all the work yourself, for this you need to take into account the following aspects:
1. It is necessary to leave a gap of 1 cm between the walls and the system. Such a measure is necessary so that the floor does not undergo deformation due to temperature drops. The gap can always be closed with a plinth.
2. The technology of insulation should be chosen based on the desired finish. It is best to lay mineral wool on the basis of wood, and foam plastic on cold concrete.
3. When installing a double floor, pay special attention to ventilation.
4. It is necessary to provide a thorough insulation of the floors in the process of building construction.

How to insulate the floor foamThe house will always be for us a safe and secure place. Comfort and comfort can be created only by us, based on our personal preferences. Warming floors is just one of the ways to achieve your goal.

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