How to kill zombies?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 7, 2013
How to kill zombies?

Under the zombie is meant a lively in a fantastic way corpse. The concept of zombies is rooted in West African religious voodoo cults, cultivating ideas about powerful sorcerers who are able to resurrect dead people to become slaves. But how to kill a zombie? This can be done in several ways, which are described in various sources, in this article we will focus on the most effective.

Methods from the old tributes

There are references to zombies not only in South Africa, they were also met in Japan, and many northern peoples also have stories about the living dead. The traditions of these peoples offer a variety of ways. According to the most ancient of them, in order to kill a zombie, take out his heart, then soak it in wine and put it back, and nail the legs to the coffin and leave it at the intersection to be eaten by wild dogs.

Icelandic giving also offers to cut off the head of the living dead, put it between the legs, make a fire and burn.After that, the ash should be collected in a bag and buried in a place where people can not find it.

Scottish legends say that a blood-sucking creature can be killed only by fire, but first you should pull out his heart and burn it, and only after that the fire can absorb the body. Follow the same method and giving England.

The most effective means

But if you combine all the myths and fantastic stories that you can find about a zombie, then the only effective way to kill the revived dead is a stake that you need to put in his heart. For cola, it is best to use hawthorn, aspen, oak or silver. According to the teachings, this method works best if you nail a zombie to his coffin with needles or knives and put a stake in his heart. After that, the body can be safely instilled in the grave, since this dead man will never disturb anyone again.

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