How to make a bow?

Active rest began to rapidly enter our lives. Often, a sport goes into the category of a hobby. Archery competitions are attracted by the fusion of ancient martial art, modern sport and an element of leisure. For this art to be available to every family you need to know how to make a bow!

Everyone knows that the main attributes of an archer are bow and arrows. This is the minimum set that will allow to realize archery. Our tips will help you learn how to make a bow at home, with minimal experience working with tools and materials at hand.

Making a wooden bow

So, the easiest to make is a straight wooden bow. For him, we need a wooden plank with dimensions of 200 mm - length, 40 mm - width and 20 mm - thickness. The strap should be free of damage, knots and cracks. The tree species is preferably chosen from ash, maple, acacia, yew. The size of the bow is equal to the size of the arms, so that you can easily determine your size. Now learn more about how to make a bow with your own hands.

Onion case

Work on the body of the bow is carried out by a rasp.On the overall size of the plank, you mark the center, leaving the distance for the palm of your hand evenly from the center. Next, grind the rasp the inner surface of the onion to the edges. The rectangular onion stitch is also grinded in width so that from the middle to the edges there is a reduction in width from 40 mm to 20 mm at the edges. The approximate thickness of the edges of the onion will be 12 mm. As a result, you have a wooden plank, stitched from the middle to the edges and in length and width.

Now you need to reinforce the edges themselves, gluing one layer of veneer 0.5 cm thick. At the edges, noting 1 cm from the end of the onion strap, circle the grooves for tensioning the bowstring.

With the help of the same rasp, give the handle a comfortable grip, and the bow should be strictly vertical. It is necessary to attach a protrusion to the bow handle, which guides and holds the boom. It can be from a tree or other material, with deepening for an arrow. Length of a ledge is 2 cm, width is 1 cm. Everything, now you know how to make a bow out of wood.

Making a string

The second main element of the bow is a bowstring. Linen twisted thread or lavsan (suitable for firing over long distances) is suitable for it. It is necessary to assemble the machine for twisting the string.It consists of a bar of at least 150 mm and two nails hammered along its edges. The length of the bow string is 4 cm shorter than the body itself. Drive nails into a bar at the estimated length of your bowstring. We wind a thread around the nails without sagging. For flax, 6 turns are needed, for lavsan much more. In the middle we divide the string in half and we wrap each strand with a nylon, the length of the winding is 10 cm. This is for an arrow stop. On the machine we also fasten the edges of the bowstring, winding in loops.

Bend the body of the bow and set the string in the grooves at the ends. Bow slowly unbent. The distance from the middle of the bowstring to the handle should be about 20 cm. If the size does not match, then the bowstring size is adjusted. Now you know how to make a bow and a bow, there are arrows!

We construct arrows

The material for the boom is dry wood. The most suitable pine, birch or spruce. The length of the arrow depends on the size of the bow, ranges from 55 to 70 cm. It consists of a front metal tip (classic triangular shape), a rear tip (plate-counterweight), a stabilizer (feathering). The stabilizer is installed at a distance of 15 mm from the rear tip, it can be feathers of a goose, turkey or swan. Feathers are located evenly around the boom circumference.At the end of the boom end, the cut is made to make it easier to attach to the string. The center of gravity of the boom should be slightly offset from the center to the front end of the boom. So, how to make a bow and arrows is understandable, but before you shoot, remember the following.

Simple Security Rules

Archery must be safe, a string in a state of tension can damage the fingers. Shoot a bow in leather or suede gloves. You can make special aprons for fingers. To shoot the string, when firing, do not hit the forearm, you also need to put on a leather jacket. Aim only at targets.

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