How to make a cat out of beads?

Animals from beads do not perform any functional role, but can serve as a beautiful decoration for a phone or a key fob. These interesting things include a beaded cat, but how to make a beaded cat? In fact, it is not so difficult, but not so easy, if there are no skills in weaving beads.

Bead weaving

Type 3 black beads in the middle of a 60 cm long piece of wire. Pass through the 2 extreme beads with the other end to form a triangle of beads. Dial another 16 beads on one end of the wire. Other pass them in pairs. The result should be a band of several rows of closely adjacent beads. Tighten the wire tightly so that rows do not disperse. This is the tail of the cat. The number of beads in subsequent rows: 5-5-4-3-2-1-5. This is the hind pair of paws and the back of the cat's back.

Cover the ends of the wire and cut it. Weave the middle of the rows: 5-3-3. Separately make each ear of two rows (1-2) and a part with a chest, head and front paws: first row 6 black beads, second row 1 black, 1 yellow, 2 black, 1 yellow, 1 black. The third and the following rows only from beads of black color: 6-4-4-3-3-2-2-2-2-5.Fold the parts with wire or thread. The ends must be hidden inside the beads.

Voluminous beaded cat

For such work with beads, use a piece of fishing line with a length of 1-1.5 meters, it will not be necessary to cut it off the coil. Weave a net of two and a half lozenges with a width of three beads of beads. It is necessary to make a net of beads in half the circumference of the main bead, and then fix the line. Do this so that the grid does not crawl away. Leave the line as it is. Take another 1-1.5 meters of fishing line and begin to weave a small mesh of beads on the back side. All the time you need to apply this grid to the main bead. You need to finish when there is a small distance between the two ends of the grid. When the ends of the fishing line are almost next to each other, you can begin their connection. Work with the second end of the fishing line, which has just been freed, and leave the first one as it is. It is necessary to achieve that the two ends of the fishing line with beads are located on different sides.

In order to interweave the two poles of a ball of beads, apply the weaving technique with the name "mosaic weaving". Now weave a cat face. For weaving you need two beads of white color for the cheeks, and for the nose one is pink.Not tightly stitched in two stitches with a needle through the net, get out of the bead-nose and press it to the body with several stitches. Now the tail and ears, for this you need another needle. After securing the tail, go to the ears. If you want to do the paws on the basis of the wire, fasten and cut the end of the fishing line. Now you can look at the result.

Cat Bead Embroidery

Choose a cat design for embroidery. It can be quickly and easily found on special Internet sites. For creating works on the canvas, schemes for cross-stitching are suitable. The cross will match the bead. First make a pattern without detail - determine its shape, colors and size. Then break this image into separate beads, decide on their exact size. You can proceed. You can attach beads to the fabric using ordinary seams. And the question of how to weave a cat from beads is solved.

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