How to make a hammock?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
July 20, 2012
How to make a hammock?

Hammock is a great place to relax and sleep. It can be located not only at the summer cottage, but also in the apartment, if you have free space. Hammock can be used as a sofa or chair.

Hammocks are very different - from fabric or mesh, with wooden parts and without them. Now you can buy a hammock absolutely any style and style, but you can make a hammock yourself. We will tell you how to make a hammock with your own hands.

Making a hammock

In order to make a hammock, you will need fabric, sintepon, poles for support and ropes for sling. For starters, you should take a fabric with dimensions of 270x150 cm. The edge of the canvas must be processed. To do this, bend a small distance around the edges and hem on a sewing machine in large steps. For reliability, it is recommended to use a thick thread. After that, you should collect the fabric from the narrow side and make a knot, the stronger it will be tied, the less likely that the hammock will fall from the support. We tie a rope to the knot, which should be strong enough,It is for her hammock attached to the support uprights. The length of the rope should be sufficient to firmly attached to the support.

To make the hammock soft and comfortable, you can make it out of two layers of fabric, between which a synthetic winterizer is put, after which you should stitch the structure in the center and along the perimeter.

How to hang a hammock

Now you know how to make a hammock. However, it is important to know how to hang it. Hammock should hang in two meters from the ground. For supporting posts you can use trees if you decide to place a hammock in the street. It is worth remembering that the trunk must be strong, otherwise under the force of gravity the tree can bend. If you hang a hammock in the apartment, you should make special racks screwed into the floor. They could be made of iron or wood, but we must not forget that the support must be strong enough. Special supports can also be made on the support posts so that the rope does not slip down.

After the hammock is in a state ready for use, it can be decorated with various decorative accessories at your discretion.

Doing things yourself is a fascinating process, so making a hammock yourself and making it your whole family will be an interesting pastime.

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