How to make a lion?

The lion is one of the most majestic animals, the king of beasts. Despite the fact that the lion is a predatory animal, its brothers, created with their own hands, are very popular among both children and adults. Therefore, everyone who is engaged in needlework, knows how to make a lion.

How to sew a lion

Every child wants to get a soft toy as a gift. Of course, you can buy it in any store. Although the range is now very large, but, unfortunately, to find a high-quality, beautiful and inexpensive toy is very problematic. If you know how to hold a needle in your hand, know what a stitch seam is, have an idea about various fabrics and other materials, then it will not be difficult for you to sew a soft toy by yourself. As we already found out, one of the most popular toys is a lion, so you will need the following materials for sewing this toy: small pieces of fabric of sand color, black and white, beads or small buttons for eyes, brown threads for mane and tassels on the tail , stuff for stuffing toys.

According to the pattern, which can be found on the Internet, we cut out the lion. Then we sew the parts, on a typewriter or manually - depending on your capabilities. Leave behind a small hole. Then we fill (for packing, it is better to take a synthetic winterizer). Carefully sew up secret stitches. It remains only to decorate our toy, gluing eyes, nose, mouth and brush on the tail. Our lion will look just like a real, or like a cartoon character. How to sew a lion will help you your imagination, a little patience and perseverance.

How to tie a lion

For those who are friends with knitting or crocheting, a soft toy can be knitted. To do this, you can use the remnants of any yarn. Scheme and detailed description can be found on the Internet. The main thing in this business - the desire to make a lion. But this is not the only way to create a small copy of the beast. Nowadays, paper crafts or in other words origami have become very popular.

How to make a lion out of paper

All you need in this case is colored paper measuring 15 x 15 cm. If you want to get a little more paper prototype, then you need to take another piece of paper. The main thing is to keep proportions. A few bends of paper, a few strokes with a felt-tip pen and our paper lion is ready. It’s almost impossible to describe step-by-step instructions with words, so it’s best to refer to the video tutorials that you can easily find on the Internet. How much joy he will bring! Be sure to show how to make a lion out of paper to your child.

How to make a lion costume

New Year's carnivals - a paradise for children, but on this holiday without a suit just can not do. Often, kids prefer to dress up with forest animals. Rabbits, squirrels, chanterelles, wolves driving round dance near the green beauty, just touches and delights the eye. If you want your child to stand out from the woods, then offer him a lion costume. Of course, you can go to the children's store and buy it there, but in this case there is no guarantee that the parents of the other child will not get the same costume, and then you simply will not find your child. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you can make a costume with your own hands. Dressing in the tone is not a problem, but how to make a mask of a lion, everyone is interested. Everything is very simple.

It is necessary to take white cardboard, take measurements, draw a lion's attractive face, cut through eye slits and paint with gouache or any other paint. The main thing is to be bright.Wait until the paint dries, then cut, and attach the gum. That's all - the mask is ready. You can go to the costume. It is enough to find a yellow T-shirt, a T-shirt or a turtleneck is also suitable, as well as matching pants. They can be replaced by shorts. It remains to attach the tail. For this you can use a rope. It needs to be painted yellow and a brown tassel is attached. Now you need to make a mane. She, too, is made of rope, pre-painted brown. I hope you will not have any more difficulties how to make a lion suit for your child.

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