How to make a natal chart?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
February 27, 2013
How to make a natal chart?

Before proceeding to the preparation of the natal chart, it is necessary to first deal with the question: "What is the natal chart?" Before you begin acquaintance with the natal chart, you need to have some knowledge or, at least, an idea of ​​the planetary laws, how they affect our lives and in what forms they occur (for example, talents, problems, etc.) .

What is natal chart

After getting acquainted with the basics of astrology, you can begin to get acquainted with other elements of astrological thinking. This will help you understand the main themes of your life and the structure of your own personality. The natal chart is an individual heavenly map, which is made up for each person separately; there is no identical map. You will need all the knowledge in the field of astrology to solve the question of how to make a natal chart yourself?

In order to understand that the Universe rotating around its axis is permeated with energy, it is not necessary to believe in something supernatural. You yourself are a part of the cosmos and its energy.If you look from another point of view, then, in fact, each of us gave rise to space!

The planets, exactly at the moment when you were born, rotating around their axes and moving at a speed of 160,000 km / hour in outer space, found a certain place in space, joined forces in a completely unique way to create an individual. The second such person is not found on the whole Earth, the planets have tried their best.

Since the Universe never stands still and is constantly in motion, then in the previous or next minute a different personality would be created by forces that would also change. If we consider life from this point of view, then throughout life you are under the influence of the forces of celestial bodies, which gave birth to you with their energy. That is why the question of how to make a natal chart is quite relevant during the study of astrology and in the preparation of individual horoscopes. In order to show the moment of an important event, for example, your wedding day, the position of celestial bodies, astrologers use a symbolic map of the sky - in other words, a horoscope.Natal chart is an individual horoscope.

A way to create a natal chart

The easiest way to compile a beginner's natal chart is to download the finished natal chart from any astrological site. To compile a natal map, you will definitely need to enter, in specially designated lines, the date, place and time of your birth, after which the site will automatically map the sky for you and will not forget to indicate the position of the planets when you are born. The astrologer - professional will help you interpret the resulting map more clearly, clearly and in detail.

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