How do you blind a pony?

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How do you blind a pony?

With the release of the cartoon about the adventures of little ponies, these funny horses became favorite characters in children. Almost every child would like to have such a pony. Of course, you can buy a toy in the store, but it is much more interesting to make a pony yourself. Therefore, today we will tell you how to make a pony.

Plasticine pony


  • Stand for plasticine;
  • Plastic knife;
  • Clay pale pink, hot pink, white and brown.

Stages of modeling:

  1. First, from the pale pink plasticine sculpt sausage about three centimeters long. This will be the body of the horse.
  2. Then we pull one edge of the body a little and wrap it up - this is the pony's neck.
  3. Now we will sculpt the head. To do this, make a ball of plasticine pale pink color. Then pull the ball with one hand, to get a muzzle.
  4. Next, sculpt ears. Take a small piece of pale pink plasticine and sculpt two triangles. Then we round them up a little bit in the shape of a droplet. We fasten ears to the head.Pony
  5. Then we connect the body to the head with a toothpick.
  6. Sculpt feet.To do this, make 4 identical sausages of pale pink color. The bottom of each sausage should be wider, more stable. Below with a knife we ​​make hoofs. Attach to the body legs of horses.
  7. Now do the pony mane. Cut the pale pink and hot pink clay into long strips, put them together and cut them again. It turns out a colorful mane. It should be attached to the head and neck of a pony.
  8. Similarly sculpt tail.
  9. It remains to make a pony nose and eyes. For eyes, we cut out small pieces of white plasticine, flatten them in the form of a leaf and fasten a pony on the face. In the middle of the eyes need to make pupils. We make them from brown plasticine. And fastened in the middle of each eye.
  10. Using a knife, mark the nostrils and mouth of the pony on the face.

Plasticine pony is ready. If you like modeling, go to the Sculpting section.

If you want to make a cake for your child, decorate it with pony figurines from your favorite cartoon. You will see - the child will be delighted. And we will now learn how to make ponies from mastic.

Mastic pony


  • 50 g marshmallows;
  • One cup of powdered sugar;
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • Food colors.

Stages of cooking:

  1. First, prepare the mastic. To do this, in the microwave, melt marshmallow candies with lemon juice. Then gradually add caster sugar and mix well. In most of the mastic add a pink dye. And in a small part add a lot of pink dye to get a more saturated color.
  2. Now we make a pony. First, sculpt the body - a thick sausage of pink mastic.
  3. Then sculpt the ball - the head of a pony. From two small pieces of mastic sculpt triangular ears and fastened to the head.Pony
  4. Next, connect the head with the torso.
  5. Then do the pony legs. We make four columns of mastic - they must be stable. Attach the legs to the body.
  6. Now we make the mane and tail of the horse. Cut into narrow strips of pale pink and bright pink colors, join them together, cut off the desired length. Now we slightly bend the resulting tail and mane and fasten it to the pony.
  7. Next, using a knife make out the nose of a pony. And you can make your eyes out of white mastic and stick a butterfly instead of a pupil. Or the pupils can also be made of dark mastic.

Here is a sweet pony made of mastic.

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