How to make a power supply for the 18V screwdriver with your own hands?

The screwdriver is a handy tool with which you can assemble furniture, tighten bolts, nuts, etc. Thanks to the battery, you can operate the device without being connected to the network. However, over time, battery performance deteriorates. It has to be charged more often, and the duration of the equipment operation is noticeably reduced.

To resume full power tools, it is recommended to createpower supply for the screwdriver 18V do it yourself.How is the procedure for improving the design, help to understand the advice of experienced electricians.

Special features

Consideringhow to make a power supply for a screwdriver 18V do it yourself, you must immediately pay attention to several features of this process. When purchasing a high-quality electric tool, you can not be sure that the manufacturer supplies the same durable batteries.In this case, after several cycles of operation, it turns out that a fully serviceable device cannot be operated due to the failure of the battery.Power supply for do-it-yourself screwdriver 18V

In this case, the problem can be solved in several ways. In the first embodiment, the master has the opportunity to purchase a new battery. The cost of the battery (or a set of 2 pcs.) Is expensive. Simply buy a new screwdriver.

However, you can power up the device from the network. In this case, the operation of the tool will no longer be autonomous, but it will work just as well as before. A faulty battery can be converted into a power supply.

Rework options

Before you start work, you need to pay attention to the selection of parts for the new power supply. Some craftsmen create a power supply from an old battery. This option has several drawbacks. Not every repairman has on hand an unnecessary car battery. This device is characterized by large dimensions and considerable weight. This somewhat complicates the process of work. If the screwdriver has a power of 18 V, such a battery will not be able to provide the working voltage in full. Therefore, the option with the battery is not recommended.Power supply for screwdriver 18V

Computer power supply for screwdriver 18Valso will not work. This option would be appropriate to use for devices that have a capacity of not more than 14 V.

Selecting the appropriate option to create a power supply screwdriver, should be considered as one of the best options for connecting the power supply through an existing tool battery.

Preparatory stage

Selecting parts for the future network connection of the screwdriver, it is necessary to estimate the size of the battery. The optimal power supply should correspond to the internal space of the battery of the power tool that was supplied with the equipment. For example, it may bepower supply "AIDA" 18V (20A) for the screwdriver.Its cost is about 1200 rubles. You can consider other similar options. Dimensions of the network power supply should be minimal.Pulse Power Supply for 18V Screwdriver

From the battery case, which has stopped working, you must extract all the contents. This will allow you to more accurately determine the size of free space. When choosing a power supply unit, you should also evaluate the technical characteristics of the screwdriver.Purchased item must match the power of the device (18 V). It should also be designed for a household network of 220 V.

Determination of technical specifications

Creating18V switching power supply for a screwdriver, it is necessary to correctly calculate the supply voltage. Difficult calculations can not be carried out. It is enough to estimate the approximate parameters that the power supply unit should possess.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the capacity of the battery and the current of the charging device. If the screwdriver was running on a 1.2 Ah battery, and its charging lasted 2.5 hours, the current generated would be the average between these two numbers.The network power supply for the screw gun 18B

When choosing a network switch, you must also take into account the minimum current consumption of the tool, the supply voltage necessary for its full operation. It is also important to consider the physical dimensions of the battery.

Expert advice

The network power supply for the screw gun 18Bshould differ in a number of characteristics. First of all, it must be reliable, light and small in size. At a choice it is necessary to pay attention to the giving loading characteristic.If for some reason an overload occurs in the system, this parameter will avoid damage to the electrical system of the screwdriver.How to make a power supply for a screwdriver 18V

It is better to give preference to power supplies in which the design is not complex. Its details are characterized by availability. It is the switching power supplies that meet all requirements. They are compact and powerful enough, unlike transformer devices.

When purchasing Chinese products, it is necessary to consider that its power characteristics may be overestimated. Therefore, it is better to use products of domestic production. The old Soviet units are determined by low efficiency. Therefore, it is better to use new equipment.


In order to create a power supply for a screwdriver 18V instead of the battery, you will need to check the purchased device for serviceability. Further it needs to be disassembled. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to give preference to the model, the case of which is bolted, rather than glue.Power supply for a screwdriver 18V instead of battery

If parts of the body are connected without screws, you will have to knock on the seam perimeter with a hammer. This will open the power supply.This should be done carefully so as not to damage the internal elements of the structure.

From the plug with a soldering iron it is necessary to separate the cord and leads. All contents of the power supply must be removed outside. The system is placed in the case of the former battery screwdriver. Through the hole in the battery case leads wire. Its ends are soldered to the disassembled power supply system. In this case, you must observe the polarity.

Final stage

Power supply for screwdriver 18Valmost ready. Now you need to re-assemble the case. Pre-connect it to the screwdriver and test in different modes of operation. If everything is in order, you can assemble the case. In this case, you can use glue or screws provided.

If during testing the device does not work or there are interruptions in rotation, you should once again inspect the junction of the wire and the design of the power supply. The polarity may have been incorrectly selected. In this case, the wires are disconnected and swapped. If the connection was performed poorly, there may be differences in the work of the screwdriver. In this case, be sure to repeat the soldering contacts.

If the case does not fit the internal power supply system, it will be necessary to connect a suitable socket to the handle of the power tool. The power supply is connected in parallel to the network terminals. It is recommended to install a diode in the breaking of the phase wire.

other methods

Considering optionshow to make a power supply for a screwdriver 18V,special conditions of equipment operation should be taken into account. If necessary, use the tool away from the power supply will have to use other approaches powering. This will require to operate the battery.

From the power tool you need to disconnect the clips and bring them to the car battery. Experts do not recommend using a similar power source for a long time.How to make a power supply for the screwdriver 18V do it yourself

You can also slightly improve the design of the welding inverter. To do this, add a secondary coil. This unit allows you to create the required mains voltage, and also creates a current of the required power. If the master understands radio engineering, he will be able to make a worthy replacement for the old, failed battery.

Use of other batteries

Creatingpower supply for do-it-yourself screwdriver 18Vto perform work on the roof, a street away from sources of electricity, you should consider another acceptable option.

You can power the equipment with an older but more powerful battery. For example, it could be a lithium battery from an old laptop (2200 A). The computer case is disassembled. The battery is removed from it.

The new system is connected to the old battery. In this case, polarity is necessarily observed. Contacts connect with a soldering iron. After making the connections, check the operation of the unit. It is tested in different modes. To charge the battery from the network, you must remove the plug through the hole in the case.

Creating a coil

Make a power supply for the screwdriver 18V do it yourself is allowed in another way. To do this, create a portable power supply. To power tools need to lead a flexible cable with a plug. Next, you need to prepare a transformer with a rectifier or connect a separate power supply. The characteristics of such devices should coincide with the features of the screwdriver.

For non-professionals it is recommended to dismantle the coil with the necessary qualities from other unnecessary electrical equipment. It must have a certain number of turns and a conductor cross section. A rectifier must be connected to it. For this purpose, semiconductor type diodes are used.

Features of operation

Creatingpower supply for the screwdriver 18V do it yourself,the master must adhere to certain requirements for the operation of the equipment. The tool should not be overloaded. The maximum duration of his work should not be more than 20 minutes.

Power supply required to keep clean. It should not get dust or dirt, drops of liquid, etc. Work on such equipment without grounding is prohibited. It is also impossible to operate such a screwdriver at a height of more than 2 m.

When connecting the device to the network, it is prohibited to use several extension cables. User must comply with safety requirements. This will allow for a long time to use a screwdriver for various operations, as well as to ensure the safe operation of the master. Such a tool loses its mobility, however, its reliability with proper connection of all elements of the system will be high.

Having considered how it is recommended to make a power supply for a screwdriver for 18V, each user will be able to resume the operation of his equipment, providing it with network or autonomous power. Performing work in accordance with the requirements of experienced electricians, you can get a reliable, durable tool.

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