How to make a sentence with the word winter?

Modern education involves not only students obtaining theoretical and practical academic knowledge, but also the formation of the skills necessary to live a happy life and build a successful career. Exercises aimed at the formation of communication skills and the development of speech, a great many. Already in elementary school, students write essays about holidays, vacations, about seasons.

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Agree, for any student to make, for example, a sentence with the word "winter" in grade 2 is quite capable. But in order for the offer to turn out to be beautiful, not banal and rather complicated, you will have to try.

Winter: lexical meaning

To come up with and write a competent sentence with the word "winter", you first need to elaborate more on what it means. Did you know that originally the noun "winter" carried the meaning of "rainy time". Nowadays, this word has a slightly different meaning:

Winter sport
  • The coldest time of the year: Winter is the coldest time of the year, which follows the rainy autumn and precedes the warm spring.
  • The calendar winter includes three months: December, January and February: I love winter very much, especially January, because it brings us so many holidays, and the holidays are also in January.

Morphological characteristics

Before making a sentence with the word "winter", let us dwell on the morphological characteristics of this noun: common noun, inanimate.

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Like all feminine nouns ending in “a”, the noun “winter” refers to the second declension and changes according to cases and numbers accordingly.

Case / number Question Singular Plural
Nominative case what? Finally, winter-beauty came to our region, brought with it precious stones from snow, ice and icicles. The winters are fierce, frosty, without felt boots and a thick fur coat on the street do not hang out.
Genitive what Winter has a lot of fans, all thanks to its beauty and cheerfulness. In the southern hemisphere of such winters, like ours, does not happen, kids skates and skis are seen only in pictures and on TV.
Dative what For winter, you need to carefully prepare: buy warm clothes and shoes, caulk the windows, pickle cucumbers and tomatoes, ferment cabbage. My brothers and I missed Russia, in the endless expanses of snowy winters.
Accusative what? I do not like winter, I prefer a hot bright summer. I never wait for winters, I hope they suddenly change their minds to come.
Instrumental case than? How can you laugh at the harsh winter, she can take revenge? It is necessary to be friends with winters, otherwise it is possible to die.
Prepositional about what? What's so terrible in winter, why is everyone so afraid of her? There are a lot of songs and poems about winters, there is not a single poet who would remain indifferent to this beauty.

Rooted words

When writing sentences with the word "winter", when writing an essay about this time of the year, the words with the same root can be useful:

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  • Zimushka: Zimushka scared us with unprecedented frosts, but we survived.
  • Zimka: What a good winter now is winter, beautiful and fun!
  • Winter: Winter clothes and shoes are not cheap, but you can buy everything in the summer on sales with good discounts.
  • Wintering: The landowner secretly bought a house in the wintering, where he later hid from his pursuers.
  • Wintering: We will spend the winter in the city, and in the summer we will go to the village to the old.
  • In winter: It was in winter fresh and bright.
  • Winter: Winter crops were sown late, now we can hardly wait for the harvest.

Suggestions with the word "winter"

The lexical meaning of any word is better absorbed in context. Let's try to make some beautiful sentences with the word "winter":

  • Winter all wrapped around in a sparkling wedding attire: cities and villages, plains, mountains and hills, trees and shrubs.
  • I love winter very much: you can go skating, sledding, skiing, lie in snowdrifts, make a snowman and a snowman, play snowballs.
  • Winter has come, it's time to get the skates from the mezzanine.
  • This year's sad winter has come: gray, gloomy, inhospitable, gloomy.
  • The winter was leaving, dropping its head under the mocking drops and the murmur of a streamlet.
  • Winter magical snowcover priporoshit dirt and city dust.
  • The teacher asked to make seven common sentences with the word "winter".

Designs with the words "heralds of winter"

Shortly before the arrival of winter, everyone already feels its approach, its cold steps. All this thanks to the messengers of winter. To make sentences with the words "heralds of winter," let's recallwhat or who are these same messengers:

  • first frost;
  • early autumn snow;
  • yellow-breasted titmouses.

The writing "Winter - my favorite time of year"

Making simple sentences with the word "winter" in grade 3 seems like an easy task. In the second half of elementary school, teachers increasingly ask children to write short essays. Let's try to write together an essay "Winter is my favorite season."

The main thing in winter is to dress warmly

If you only knew how I love winter! For me, it's not just three winter months: December, January and February.

First, this is the most beautiful time of the year. The snow cover securely covered the ground with a warm, duvet. Everything is white, clean and innocent. It is not clear that it shines stronger and brighter: the sun in a pale blue, almost white sky or the sun's rays, reflected in the snow mirror. Nature in the bridal outfit can not leave anyone indifferent, even despite the cold and fierce, severe frosts.

Secondly, this is a time of fun and beloved holidays: New Year, Christmas, Old New Year, Epiphany in January; Defender of the Fatherland Day in February (some celebrate the day of all lovers). My favourite holiday is New Year. The best, most fun family holiday.Good is not only the holiday itself with songs, dances around the Christmas tree, gifts, but also preparation for it. In early December, I write a letter to Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter, Snow Maiden. I don't ask them for anything, I just ask how they are doing and congratulate you on the upcoming holidays.

Thirdly, it is a time of winter fun. Funny kids, moms, dads, even grandmothers and grandfathers go skiing on sleds, on balloons, on ice-boats, go skiing, and ice-skating.

True, in the song it is sung: "If there was no winter in the cities and villages, we would never have known these merry days!".

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