How to make a wattle fence cheaply?

The word "wattle", as is obvious, derives fromverb "weave", and means a fence made of branches and twigs. Such peculiar fences were in many Soviet villages in those days when the grid or fence was deficit. In addition, fencing of this kind with the application of certain labor can do almost free of charge because of the availability of the to make a fence with your own hands

The wattle could be done by one's own hands firstvillager. Note that there are several ways of making such a fence - by means of vertical or horizontal weaving. In the first case, several logs serve as the basis for the future hedge, which are cleared of the bark, treated with antiseptics to prevent decay and are dug into the earth 40-50 cm to create a stable base for the fence. The distance between the logs is set at the master's discretion. Usually it is 1.5-2 meters. To the upper, middle and lower parts of the logs, horizontal poles (boards) are punched, through which the branches are s-shaped vertically. Here's how to make a wattle by your own hands in the easiest way.

A fence of this kind is easy to maintain, because You can always remove the spoiled item and insert a new one. To increase the strength of the top and bottom branches can be threaded with a rope or wire with insulation.

Usually the fence is made of what is on hand. And experts recommend making a wattle fence from willow, willow or hazel. And the material for this is better to store from August to September.wattle fence

For a horizontal fencing we needa set of vertical stakes with a thickness of about 5 cm. They are driven into the ground at a distance of 0.5-1 m from each other to a depth of about 0.3 meters. In order to last longer the fence, the racks can be treated with resin or put on their ends pieces of plastic pipes with a length of 0.3 meters.

If you want to know how to make a wattle fence yourhands in a qualitative way, then we would like to say that for a horizontal variant some work experience is required. Therefore, you can try to first make a small fence, before embarking on large-scale projects. The fact is that horizontal rods of 1.5 meters in length and 1.5 cm in thickness should be tightly intertwined with vertical posts so that when the tree dries there are no large gaps. In addition, you need to beautifully arrange the ends of the branches, so that the fence has an aesthetic appearance.wicker fence

How to make a fence with your own hands so that itserved as long as possible? To do this, instead of vertical branches, you can take metal bars, processed by the composition from the formation of rust, and raise the lower row of branches above the ground while weaving or lay under it a kind of foundation made of bricks that will prevent rotting.

Masters who have experience and knowledge about how toto make a wattle with their own hands in horizontal execution, perform sometimes original works of art that are still found in the southern regions of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries where the climate allows making long and beautiful fences from the branches.

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