How to make latte?

Latte is a type of coffee-based beverage. From the Italian "latte" is translated as "milk". Milk plays an important role in this hot drink, since not only milk but also milk foam is added to coffee. If you do not know how to make latte at home, then a simple recipe will help you to please yourself and loved ones with this wonderful drink.

Traditionally, in Italy, lattes are cooked a little differently from around the world. Italians take hot mocha and pour warm milk into it. This drink is usually drunk for breakfast. In other countries, espresso is used instead of mocha. Milk is added to it, and the top is covered with coffee with milk foam. Coffee and milk are used in a ratio of 1: 3, that is, for one part of the coffee take three parts of milk.

Making espresso

You will need:

  • 8 g freshly ground coffee
  • Espresso coffee maker

The latte is based on espresso, so first of all we prepare it. Take 8 grams of freshly ground coffee and pour it into the coffee maker. Pour water into the coffee maker. After preparation you should have 30 ml of coffee.Espresso is ready, now you can do milk.

Beat milk for latte

For real lattes, you need whipped milk. In coffee houses for the preparation of milk foam using special equipment, but at home you can do without it. To make milk foam better, follow a few simple rules:

  • Milk for foam is best to choose whole. Skimmed milk will not give a thick foam.
  • The heat makes the foam more elastic and stable.
  • A whisk is best for whipping foam. Try to work them as quickly as possible.

Cooking process

  • Prepare an espresso as described above.
  • Pour the milk into a suitable container and heat it to 40 - 50 degrees.
  • Take a whisk and whip some of the milk until frothy. Consider the tips above.
  • Take an empty coffee cup and heat it to 40 degrees.
  • Pour the espresso into the heated cup.
  • Pour the remaining milk into the espresso. Milk should be three times more than coffee.
  • Put milk froth on top of coffee.

Homemade latte is ready, you can enjoy. Of course, the taste of such a latte may differ from what is offered in a coffee shop.

Cooking secrets

  • When choosing dishes for lattes, do not forget that the foam also takes a certain amount.
  • Traditionally, the drink is served in tall glasses or irish-glasses.
  • Do not worry if you can’t create layers, as it doesn’t affect the taste of the drink.

Make a variety

Now you know how to make latte coffee at home. To make the taste richer, you can add cinnamon to this coffee drink. A great addition to the taste of latte will be all kinds of syrups. Blackcurrant syrup is considered to be best suited. Chocolate, whipped cream or ice cream can also be added to lattes. On the basis of it, alcoholic cocktails are also prepared, for example, with amaretto liqueur or with rum.

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