How to make a moonshine?

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How to make a moonshine?

Homemade moonshine is much healthier and safer than vodka from the store. Of course, this applies specifically to his own brewed beverage, the production of which complied with all technological requirements.

At the same time, the choice of the right equipment plays an important role, since it will precisely enable it to control the distillation process. Moonshine still can be bought, but it is much more profitable and safer to do it yourself.

Principle of operation

The basis of the principle of the distillation unit is distillation. Heating the brew causes evaporation of alcohol vapor (with impurities). To get directly the alcohol itself enough to cool them.

Main nodes

There are a huge number of schemes of moonshine, but the mandatory nodes in them remain:

  • cube (pressurized boiler);
  • fridge.

In the first, the mash is heated. The most practical, cheap and affordable options for the manufacture of the boiler are:alcohol mashine

  • aluminum flask for milk - good for processing large volumes of home brew;
  • pressure cooker - convenient for use and storage in the apartment.

The refrigerator is needed for the condensation of alcohol from the vapor. Especially popular are:

  • direct flow laboratory refrigerator;
  • flow cooling coil;
  • coil with stagnant cooling.

Laboratory equipment is made of glass, which does not react with vapors of alcohol, but is too fragile for permanent use. The coil from the copper tube is more durable.

Also in the design of the moonshine sometimes include a grader. Installed between the boiler and the refrigerator, it allows to obtain a higher-quality alcohol-containing liquid. There are two options:

  • dry steam tank - steam enters the tank with a small amount of water, on which precipitation of harmful (or excess) impurities occurs;alcohol mashine
  • the wet mop - steam enters the tank, where when passing through the water gets rid of harmful impurities.

Rubber hoses are often used to connect all components, which is quite harmful. It is much better to use stainless steel tubes or silicone hoses for this (more convenient).

Additionally, moonshine can be equipped with all kinds of thermometers, barometers and other devices. They will facilitate the technological process of obtaining moonshine, but are not necessary conditions for its production at home.

Example of the assembly of moonshine

In this example, will be used:

  • fast cooking as a cube;
  • a glass jar (3 liters) for pickles with a capron lid as a grave;
  • copper tubes bent by a spiral (for example, from the Soviet BK-1500 conditioner) as the conductive element of a coil;
  • PET bottle (10 liters) of water as a container for the cooling energy carrier;
  • silicone hoses, metal sleeves and hose clamps.

Bystrovarku knowingly used as a cube of moonshine. It already has an airtight lid with a hole for the steam discharge valve. It remains only to replace the valve on the sgon and put a silicone tube on it. Then:

  1. in the nylon cover we cut 2 holes to the size of the tubes (sgons);
  2. we put tubes in them;
  3. sealing;
  4. pour 1.5 liters of water into a glass jar;
  5. close the lid with tubes.

We assemble the refrigerator as follows:alcohol mashine

  1. we cut the neck of the PET bottle (so that the helix of copper tubes crawls through);
  2. we make 2 holes (1 by the size of the hose at the bottom, 1 by the size of the copper tube at the bottom);
  3. fasten and seal the hoses;
  4. insert the coil so that its lower end leaves through the hole in the bottle;
  5. seal this hole.

Now you can assemble the entire structure together. For this:

  1. put the cube on the stove (its type is not important);
  2. we connect it to one of the sukhoparnika tubes;
  3. the second tube of the steam mill is connected to the inlet of the coil (above);
  4. under the outlet of the coil put the packaging for the finished product (you can through the hose);
  5. we connect a hose to the faucet (rubber can be used here) and drop it into a PET bottle;
  6. we attach a similar hose to the bottom opening of the bottle and lower it into the sewer drain (must be below the refrigerator itself);
  7. open the water (keep it at the top of the coil).

Distillation unit is ready for operation.

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