How to open a shop selling home knitwear

Knitwear is in great demand among the population, so this business is quite profitable from an economic point of view.
For example, it offers high-quality home knitwear, which buyers will surely like.

The company offers product delivery to all regions, by any kind of transport, so it remains only to choose the models you like and place an order. Trade is made both wholesale and retail.

What exactly needs to be done to create a business

  • Choose a niche: children's or adult knitwear, male or female, homemade or warm knitted;
  • Find a place and calculate the benefits of implementation;
  • Pick up sales, prepare the material base;
  • Hire sellers, purchase goods.

If there are enough stores with home knitwear in the city, then you can choose the youth direction. Various tunics, T-shirts, sportswear attract the attention of teenagers and adults.Many people love sports style and will be happy to get great things for themselves and their children.

In addition, the knitwear is also a success. It can be sold more expensive, with a higher margin. While the usual knitwear surcharge is about 50%.

The more fashionable products will be purchased, the faster they will be bought. No need to buy, more than one product line, it is better to choose a few different than stocking a warehouse.

Advantages of such a business

  1. Knitwear does not deteriorate, it has no expiration dates, if the models are chosen correctly, then they may be relevant for two years;
  2. By choosing the current direction, you can quickly raise sales at the expense of young people and fashionistas;
  3. You don't need a lot of space, only two vendors will cope with the implementation;
  4. If the knitwear is of high quality, prices are optimal, then there will be no returns.


  1. Such a niche is often occupied by more successful competitors and large networks;
  2. The purchase of goods requires 100% advance payment and delivery at the expense of the client;
  3. Total payback will be visible not earlier than in a year.

In any case, if such a business is pleasant and enjoyable, then it is profitable, and it is not difficult to deal with it.You can always advertise on social networks, make beautiful booklets with new products and prepare discount cards as a gift to customers. It all depends on the interest of someone who is engaged in this kind of trade. The more expensive and wider the range, the better should be the advertising.

That to choose - the buyer decides

Choosing a niche is best to focus on the buyer, because they will decide which of the selected collections they like.

In the area with average incomes you should not buy expensive things, they will stale.

However, in a large shopping center, more often than not, there must be things of a higher quality category, otherwise the store will look too cheap among others, and will not inspire customer confidence.

Keep track of new items, take trial collections, do not stand still, develop, and the store in any case will be profitable. Most importantly, you need to recruit a sales team. For it is the seller who can push for the purchase.

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