How to paint eyebrows?

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How to paint eyebrows?

They say: "The eyes are the mirror of the soul." Based on the context, we can say that the eyebrow is the frame for this mirror. Unfortunately, not all young ladies were lucky with an acceptable natural color of eyebrows. Therefore, most women still from adolescence are faced with the question: how to paint eyebrows? It's not a secret that beautifully and accurately placed eyebrows emphasize the eyes and complete the makeup. Let's talk about how to properly dye your eyebrows, so that the image was organic and sophisticated.

We paint eyebrows: useful advice

Before correctly dyeing eyebrows, you needprepare the material for the work - that is, the eyebrows themselves. First of all it is necessary to choose the shape of the eyebrows most suitable for your type of face or to correct an existing one. Then you can start working. It should be noted that dye your eyebrows with a pencil and shadows after applying a tone and powder on your face. In order for the eyebrow to look natural, experts recommend applying the coloring element with dashed movements. In no case, do not use a solid line.

The choice of eyebrow color depends on the colorskin, eyes, eyelashes, hair. But most often they come from the color of hair. Blonde when painting eyebrows is to use brown shades. Dark-haired will suit the tone from dark brown to black. With gray and ashy hair, naturally look gray and light brown tones. Important: the color of the eyebrows should be 1-2 colors darker than the color of the hair.

There are three most common ways to properly dye your eyebrows:

  • with a pencil;
  • shadows;
  • paint.

How to stain eyebrows in pencil

Pencil color matching for all typeseyebrows, but still the advantage is given not to thick brows. It is very important to choose the right pencil. It is best to buy a special eyebrow pencil. It should be firm, as it is possible to correctly paint eyebrows with a pencil only with a certain structure of the instrument. Be sure to sharpen the pencil before use.

When choosing the color of a pencil, usethe above advice on the color of hair and eyebrows. A fairly common technique for painting eyebrows with pencils of two neighboring tones. This method gives the color naturalness and softness.

So, in order to find out how to correctly stain eyebrows in pencil, we suggest the following technique:

  1. comb your eyebrows down;
  2. sharpened pencil paint eyebrows at the roots or outlined dashed movements;
  3. place your eyebrows in the desired shape (you can use a hair gel for this).

It is very important to achieve a balance: the eyebrows should not be very wide, but not narrow.

How to paint eyebrows with shadows

Staining with shadows is recommended with sufficientThe thickness of the eyebrows in order to shape them and correct or deepen the tone. This tinting can be used in single cases, for a longer effect, shadows are not suitable.

Before you paint your eyebrows with shadows, you needpick up quality tools. Shadows are used matte and as hard as possible so that they do not crumble. The brush should be soft and narrow with a sharp tip.

The painting procedure is the same as for paintingwith a pencil. Shadows should be applied smoothly smooth dashed movements on the roots of eyebrows, avoiding contact with the skin. On the brush you need to type a few shadows, and after each application, wipe it. The strokes should lie down from the inside edge of the eyebrows along the entire length, towards the growth of the hair.

After the painting is finished, comb the eyebrows so that the shadows are evenly distributed and become a uniform tone.

How to paint eyebrows with paint

Painting eyebrows with paint is used in the event that,if you want a long lasting effect. It is recommended at cardinal change of color of brows or at sharp necessity to save time on a make-up of brows.

Before you paint your eyebrows with paint, you needchoose the color and the very paint. Today, the market offers a fairly large selection of eyebrow dyes, use this and in no case buy hair dye.

To each eyebrow paint is attached the instructionand the necessary tools (bowl, spatula for mixing, etc.). Carefully study the instruction: it always indicates how to properly paint the eyebrows with the paint that you have chosen.

Preparatory stage when painting eyebrows with paintis that it is necessary to apply a thick layer of oily cream on the skin around the eyebrows and eyes. Then apply a brush or a cotton swab. Carry out the procedure very carefully, if possible, avoid contact with the skin or the mucous membrane of the eyes (if the paint gets in, rinse the eyes thoroughly with water!).

Flush the paint immediately, after the expiration datespecified in the staining time instruction. To do this, soap the eyebrows with toilet soap and rinse the paint. Perhaps the instruction for your paint provides a different way, then follow it.

Experts recommend to stain eyebrows with paint every two weeks, as it is often harmful to paint eyebrows with paint for the skin around the eyes and for the eyebrows themselves.

To be sure, you can always watch a training video, how to paint eyebrows, with a master class specialist; or will go to the salon for the first color.

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