How to part?

Each of us dreams of happiness, and this happiness is usually associated with a loved one. Everyone wants to marry once in a lifetime, live a lifetime with a loved one and never experience the pain of separation. But this is life, and we are people ... It may seem that you have planned everything in advance, you are sure of a million percent, and at some point life will change everything so abruptly that plans for 30 years will come under great doubt.

How to part with a man guy

So, you are the initiator of the separation. Most importantly, remember, starting a conversation about parting is necessary only when you are 100% sure of your decision !!! If in doubt, do not torture yourself and your partner. Remember, it is always painful to cut off the tail, but it is even more painful if it is slowly sawed in small pieces, as if mocking. If the decision is made, then specific steps will help you:

  1. Pick the right moment. You have been preparing for a conversation for several months and made a decision, and your man did not suspect anything until this very day. Rate the emotional state of the partner.Try not to hurt his male ego. Do not rush, but do not delay the conversation. Be sure of your decision.
  2. No need to part by phone or through messages. Imagine yourself in the place of your man. You must say about your decision to part - in the eye, clearly explain the reasons and give it to him. Be prepared for any reactions.
  3. Honesty. Please be honest with the person, do not try to justify yourself or pity him, so you will only give excess hope. Of course, one should not go into details, but composing fairy tales is not the best option.
  4. Ask for forgiveness. For everything, even for the fact that they decided to leave. Forgiveness somehow removes the burden from your shoulders, it will help to go further in life easier.
  5. Give thanks. Remember, because you were once so happy, thank for these moments. Thank for the fact that the person gave you in the time spent together, for how he changed you, for everything! Find the courage to thank him for what was between you. Gratitude will not allow you to go into negative emotions and quarrel.
  6. No need to be led to provocations. If the guy is pressing on pity and crying, try to control yourself and be firm, keep calm. You will regret, and then sooner or later the same conversation will arise again.Getting out of this vicious circle will be very difficult if you show your softness.

How to part with a girl

  1. If you have decided to part with a girl and do not "pull the rubber." Well, it's like a man. But remain a man and further: do not leave in English without saying goodbye; do not part by phone or by message. Meet in person.
  2. Tell about your decision calmly and clearly. A girl can hysteria, you do not fall into negative emotions. Do not give her false hope.
  3. Forget the phrase "let's be friends." To begin with, there can be no friendship between a man and a woman. And even more so the girl who was abandoned will constantly have hope for the renewal of relations if her former flashes nearby.
  4. Thank the girl and ask for forgiveness for everything. Find the courage to say it without giving hope.
  5. When you break up with a girl, be sure to tell her that you do not have feelings for her. This moment is very important for her, believe me. Inexpressibility again leads to hope.

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