How to persuade a person?

Many of us are good at persuading other people. We have the skills of persuasion, sometimes even unknowingly, because we need them every day. We do not think when, intuitively knowing what exactly to offer in return, we persuade, for example, the husband to buy a new dress.

How to persuade a person: recommendations

  1. Be intelligent. Before you begin to ask about something and persuade, politely ask whether the interlocutor has time to listen to your message. You show him that you respect him and consider him a busy business man.
  2. Speak nicely. Your conversation is able to cast a spell on anyone if your statements are beautiful, unusual and interesting. Our psychology works in such a way that it is harder for an eloquent and even a little sassy speaker to refuse his request. Add more words to your vocabulary: “Please,” “Sorry to bother you,” “Thank you.” If you have already achieved your goal, do not forget to express gratitude, otherwise the next time you will be denied assistance.
  3. Smile often.Show your charisma, smile, maintain a cheerful mood with others and at home. When people are in a good mood, you can get anything from them, because they will listen to you with pleasure and, hardly thinking about the true meaning of your words, they will accept your point of view.
  4. Do a favor. Before you persuade people, do something for them. They will feel that they owe you and simply will not be able to refuse the request. Make it a rule to do good deeds, because goodness always comes back.
  5. Infect with an idea. Inspire the interlocutor that your idea is unique, interesting and fully consistent with his personal interests. So you will attract the immediate attention of your opponent.
  6. Surprise. You can not be completely obvious and predictable in their persuasion. Try to make people not even realize that you are leading them to fulfill their desires.
  7. Do not tune in to a positive response. Be prepared for the fact that you refuse. For some reason, when internally we expect to hear a rejection, we are answered “yes.”
  8. Do not be afraid to tell the truth. Nowadays, sincerity is surprising and amazing.If you understand that it is not possible to persuade a person, admit to him that you want to satisfy only your interests. Most likely, he will just be taken aback from such a surprise and will do what you ask.
  9. Be able to stop. If you see that your interlocutor is bored and he will become bored, stop persuasion, otherwise your molestation will lead to nothing.

Successful company

The success of any commercial organization is based on financial stability, the existence of which is impossible without customer demand for products. How to persuade a person to buy goods?

  1. Light side. Tell only about the positive qualities of the product, silent negative.
  2. Only yes. Never use the “not” particle. For example: “Would you like a sauce for potatoes?”, Or “You probably do not plan to buy TV today?”. The buyer listens to you and answers, of course not. You yourself suggested to him such an answer.
  3. Without negative. Do not remember the bad moments with the buyer, so as not to spoil his mood. Do not talk about the marriage case, even if it was a single one or that the supplier is dishonest.
  4. Saving money.Speak more about buying a product, a customer saves a lot of his time and money. It is better to keep silent about its costs.
  5. Do not impose. No one likes annoying sellers, and those who want to quickly sell their goods. Be a little more restrained and the customers themselves will reach for you!

We hope our advice and recommendations will help you learn to convince people and agree with your point of view. Good luck in your beliefs!

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