How to promote the site?

The main attention in our article we will pay to that,how to promote the site in the search engines Google and Yandex. Google we chose because it is by far the absolute world leader among search engines, and in Russia is as popular as Yandex. Moreover: for searching and analyzing important information, and also, of course, for website promotion, many Russian webmasters use Google. But the main reason for this attention to Google is not even this: the fact is that Google's search engines are much more harsh in assessing the content of sites than in the same Yandex.

However, Yandex has its pluses, namely - convenient work with search queries in Russian - just do not forget to register in the system. Well, now to the point.

How to promote the site in Google and Yandex for free

In order to effectively promote your site in theGoogle and Yandex, do not necessarily spend tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles - just follow some simple rules to ensure that your site is well ranked by the search engine. These are the rules:

  • First of all, pay attention to the so-calledmeta tags, that is descriptions of your page, intended for the search engine. These are the meta tags Title and Description. Both must be unique, that is, have at least some differences from each other, plus you need to register these meta tags separately for each page. As for the recommended length, it is better to observe the following recommendations: Title by length should be in the range of 50 to 80 characters, and Description should not exceed 200, but it is best if it is within 100-150 characters. The explanation is very simple: a large number of characters simply will not fit on the page of the SERP, and the user will not be able to read all the text. Hence the conclusion: tell the metatags about yourself the most important, not forgetting the keywords and phrases that you promote.
  • URLs of pages (so-called URLs) are betterprescribe so that they display the name of the topic. For example: with subsections: and further: - from this it is immediately clear , which will be discussed on the page, and smart robots Google and Yandex can recognize this perfectly.
  • The next rule is the relevance of meta tags andthe contents of the page. In other words, if in the description of the page it is stated that we will talk about website promotion, it is not worth writing an article about borscht cooking or even on the related topic about software. The material on the page should be strictly on the given topic, that is, on the promotion of sites.

How to promote the site yourself - requirements for texts

  • Do not forget about the correct placement on thepage of keywords and expressions. In other words, optimization should be, as they say, with a human face. Agree, it is unlikely that someone will be interested in the material, in which almost every line will repeat the keyword. And such a site, even if for a short time and it appears at the top, will still collapse soon, as it will be of little interest to users, and search engines Google and Yandex track this. Key expressions (KV) should not be used more often than once per 1000 characters, and they should fit in the text very organically. In addition, the text should be structured, that is, broken into paragraphs with subheadings. The rest of the optimization is the so-called "dances with a tambourine," which will not lead to anything good. And do not underestimate the modern search engines, considering them as stupid robots - they have long striven for a qualitatively different level of text recognition.
  • As for the uniqueness of the content of the page(content), it is desirable that the unique text on each page is as much as possible and certainly not less than 1000 characters. Non-unique texts (with a uniqueness less than 50%, and often even higher) immediately signal the search robots that they have a copy in front of them, and such a copy will never be in the search engine rankings above the original. The only exception is if your site has a lot of links from authoritative sources, but this is needed without exaggeration for years.

How to promote your site - linking

  1. Your site should quickly load (best of all,if the download time is less than 5 seconds, otherwise the crawler can leave the site without waiting for the download, and not index it), for which it is worth placing it on a reliable hosting. And pay attention to the correct linking of the site, that is, the link between the pages using cross references. Search robots will follow these links and index new pages. But here it is also important not to overdo it and do not overload the pages with links in bulk. Quite a few references to landing pages and, of course, to the main one.
  2. And the last recommendation to increasethe popularity of the site is links to it from external sources. How to achieve this? The first thing that comes to mind is to buy links. But bought links in the vast majority of cases are unreliable and will not provide you with the necessary traffic. Conclusion - you need to make the site useful and interesting for users, and for this:
    • The site should be dedicated to a strictly specific topic or related topics;
    • texts should be interesting and unique;
    • The site should not be overloaded with advertising and flash animation.

How to Promote a Website in Search Engines - Final Tips

Fulfillment of all the above conditions guaranteesyou slow but sure promotion on Google search pages (and Yandex too), and there simply can not be any other progress - do not yield to the promises of SEO-optimizers that guarantee you the withdrawal to the top for some queries in a couple of months. More precisely, you can deduce something, but only for not too frequent requests, that is, those that are typed by people in the search engines a small number of times a month (usually less than a hundred). For the statistics, again, I refer you to Well, in more detail on how to promote the site for specific search queries, you can read in our next article.

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