How to reduce fuel consumption?

The fact is that each carburetor passes control of fuel transfer characteristics with the help of special vacuum propulsion systems. However, it is not possible to avoid a “run-up” of 16% - absolute coincidence of the characteristics is too expensive for the manufacturer. But in the course of operation, you can adjust the metering systems individually and in most cases reduce fuel consumption to a minimum. So how to reduce fuel consumption?

We adjust the carburetor as follows:

  1. Weak adjustment of the carburetor chamber metering main system.
  2. Adjust idle speed, its system
  3. Check the carburetor at high revs when the secondary chamber is open.

Impoverishment adjustment

Make a depletion adjustment of the metering system, increasing the cross section of the nozzle. It is usually sufficient to raise the cross section of the air jet of the instruments 2105 from 1.7 to 1.9 mm, and for carburetors 2107 from 1.5 to 1.7 mm. Now, if with a smooth acceleration of a car from 60 km / h with a damper of the primary chamber, a noticeable two-three-second delay in increasing the rotational frequency of the crankshaft frequency appears, then install an air jet with a smaller section (0.05 or 0.1 mm).In this case, do not pay attention to jerks and failures with a smooth start of the movement and its driving on low gears at low speed.

Adjustment of system of idling

  • When the adjustment of the metering system is selected, the idle system can be adjusted. Now the main task is to ensure the most depleted composition of the mixture at the lowest rotational speed and in the transitional mode (the throttle edge is near the vias through which the fuel flows).
  • Using the measures described above, it is possible to carry out adjustment with accuracy on the go idle, having only a tachometer. Further adjustment of the stroke system consists in selecting the installation of the trimmer screw. He in transition mode determines the composition of the mixture. Remove the cap with a metal hook. To do this, drill a through hole in its edge with a 2-3 mm drill.
  • First, the transitional mode is regulated at idle when the engine is running without load. To do this, smoothly and slowly open the flap of the primary camera. Watch the tachometer for changes in the rotation of the crankshaft. A uniform increase in engine speed in the process of opening the valve indicates the absence of a mixture transition in the transitional mode of re-containment.If the rotational speed no longer rises, the adjustment is “re-reduced”. This method of assessing the mixture and its composition does not allow the transition mode to detect re-enrichment of the mixture by one nature of the change in the frequency of rotation of the shaft. So, the adjustment of the transitional regime is “impoverished” successively, in several stages, and then, at a minimum, “enriched” until the failure is eliminated.
  • After each rotation of the trimmer screw, the quality screw needs to be restored to its original speed, returning to the previously selected adjustment of the composition of the mixture when idle. Here's how to reduce fuel consumption.

Carburetor check

Now, in a transitional mode, the carburetor is working under load. To do this, gently start and move at low speed in each gear. If no pronounced engine failures and jerks are detected, then the idle system is considered to be adjusted. A trimmer screw is fixed with paint or glue, which, without the need for the process of operation, is no longer touched.

If in any of the engine operating modes with the throttle valves open to the minimum, poor driving performance is noticed, it is necessary to adjust the position of the trimmer screw,turning it at the smallest number of revolutions only until the disappearance of the failures. Do not forget to adjust the position of the quality screw each time.

Now you know how to reduce fuel consumption. The carburetor is not affected.

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