How to register in Google?

Signing up with Google is very simple, but it opens up great opportunities: you can not only create a mailbox and use it, but also chat with friends, download games and watch videos using the special Google Play application. The article talks about how to register with Google and its Google Play application.

Signing up with Google

In order to register with Google, you must go through several stages:

  1. We go to the main country of Google and select "Register".
  2. After that, enter your data:
    • name;
    • last name;
    • Username;
    • password;
    • date of birth;
    • floor;
    • mobile phone;
    • a spare email address (you can not enter it, but it is needed to recover the password);
    • data for verification (they are indicated in the window and it can be numbers and letters);
    • country.
  3. After that, put a tick in front of the terms of use and click "Next."
  4. Then we add a photo and registration is complete.
  5. On the next page, the system will congratulate you on your successful registration.
  6. Clicking on the "Forward" button takes you to the Google homepage.In order to check Google mail, in the upper right corner, click the mail and get into your mailbox.

Additional information on creating a Google account can be found here - How to create a Google account.

Adding a site to Google

In order to increase site traffic, it is necessary to make your portal accessible to a large number of visitors. For this site must be submitted to the directory of Google. This is done in two ways.

Method 1

The first method involves having an account with Google:

  1. Follow the link.
  2. In the opened window we see our mailbox and enter the password.
  3. Next, add the URL of the new site and enter the verification characters.
  4. Clicking "Send request", the data is sent for verification by the system. In the meantime, you can enter a new URL.

Method 2

This method implies the absence of a mailbox in Google.

  1. Follow the link.
  2. Sign up for Google.
  3. We log into the account, select the "URL Scan" and add the URL of the site.

Register on Google Play

Signing up to Google Play is very simple, and the whole process takes a few minutes:

  1. First you need to go to the Google Play application.
  2. Next you should create a new account, for this you need to click "New". Next you need to enter the registration data:
    • last name;
    • name;
    • mailing address.Mailbox must be registered with Google. If it doesn’t exist, there is no need to register a new account, you just have to create it and write it down. Thus, together with your account on Google Play, you will have an account with Google.
  3. You need to come up with a password and repeat it. It should be remembered that for security the password should consist of letters and numbers.
  4. The next step is to enter data that is responsible for password recovery: you must enter an existing mailing address (even if it is registered in other systems), select a secret question and write the answer to it.
  5. In the window that opens, you will be asked to join Google +, but you must select "Not now."
  6. After that, click "I accept", so you agree with the terms of use of Google, and enter the text that will be displayed in the picture.
  7. Next, the system will offer to bind a credit card, you can do it, or you can skip this step by clicking "Not now."
  8. Registration was successful, it remains only to synchronize the device with Google. For example, if you sync photos, then each time you add pictures, the device will try to synchronize them with Google.In this menu, you must select the positions that interest you.
  9. After clicking "Next", you will be prompted to agree to the terms of Google Play. Click "Accept" and then you can select and install games, read books, watch movies.

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