How to remove ads?

Each of us encountered constant advertising banners on the Internet, at best half a page, or opening windows that remain "in the background" because of which the speed was sharply reduced when the page was loaded, and the accumulation of advertising nonsense only interfered with the normal reading of the text or viewing desired image. This article will discuss how to remove ads.

Adblock plus

The first savior will be our native browser. Regardless of what kind of browser you use, they all have such a good feature as an extension of the functionality with the help of plug-ins. This is not a separate program that removes ads, but a file that increases the capabilities of the browser.

For each browser, several special extensions have been created for blocking advertising windows and banners. The leader among them is AdBlock Plus. This add-on has versions for,, and. All versions of the plugin are Russified, and the setting is rather primitive. Remember that you only need to open the page with the installation of the add-on in the browser for which it was created.AdBlock Plus works completely autonomously. You will need it only if you want to add websites to the exception in order to fully display all the advertising content on them.


How to remove ads from sites using AdBlock Plus is understandable. But besides this, cutting out advertising plug-in, there is a supplement that shows the rating of a particular website based on user ratings from around the world. This plugin is called WOT (English Web of Trust). After installation and quick settings from three points, where you are led by the hand, you will see an add-on icon next to the address bar. Its color will depend on the rating of the currently open site: green means a safe site, and red is not very safe.

This add-on is also available for all browsers:,, and.

Flash block

Advertising has subjugated many resources; flash content is not the last among them. This and various banners, commercials and more. Here we will be helped by another plugin, but this blocks absolutely all flash on the page. In its place a static picture appears, depending on the browser, clicking on which browser will start the flash. In other words, we will run flash on the page ourselves.If you are a fan of browser games, then this addition will not suit you. You can download such a plugin via the following links:,, and.


In the problem of how to remove advertising on the Internet, there is such a way as the installation of special software (hereinafter - software). There are a great number of such programs, both free and requiring a license key.

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