How to remove earrings?

Despite the apparent primitiveness of thisaction, at times to remove from the ear a medical earring is rather difficult. Unpleasant sensations or even the pain accompanying these simple actions, do not allow to remove the earring.

Next, consider how to remove the earrings and do not damage the skin.

How to remove medical earrings

Before you start removing medical earrings,Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and prepare an anti-inflammatory agent (eg, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine) to disinfect the puncture site. This will allow you to avoid contamination of the injection site with bacteria, and therefore eliminate possible complications.

Then, with two fingers of one hand, fasten the earringfrom the outside. The second hand grasp the latch and gently, but with an effort, pull it toward you. Now you can get the medical ear ring out of your ear. Immediately after removing the earrings, perform a disinfecting procedure. Properly moisten the ear with an anti-inflammatory agent.

If you experience severe pain during the removal of the earring, it is better to stop this process and consult a specialist so as not to damage the already inflamed skin around the puncture.

Sometimes after a puncture of the ears in medicalestablishments are wearing earrings with an English lock. These locks are considered more reliable, due to the fact that the bow is located at the puncture site and is connected by a spring mechanism with a hole in the earring. Remove this earring at home is quite difficult and traumatic, so if possible, consult a specialist in the salon where you pierced your ears, or to a medical professional.

After removing the earring, wait at least two hours before putting on new earrings. In this case, a new decoration should also be treated with a disinfectant.

Do not forget to disinfect the puncture siteanti-inflammatory drug twice a day, until it completely heals and does not stop ache. As a rule, the healing process begins already 2 days after the beginning of the treatment of the puncture site with a disinfectant and is completed within a week. If this does not happen, the site of the puncture is highly inflamed or festering, be sure to consult a specialist to avoid complications.

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