How to roll back Windows 7?

Updates are undoubtedly an important condition for the security of the operating system, but sometimes they can lead to unpredictable consequences - from slower performance to not being able to boot Windows at all. We have already talked about different ways to restore the system to work in the article How to restore Windows without reinstalling, and now let's talk about how to roll back Windows 7 to its previous state after an unsuccessful update.

How to roll back to restore point

Before installing updates, as a rule, a recovery point is automatically created - a kind of snapshot of the state of the operating system at the current time, along with all the settings and installed programs. If installing updates has led to problems, you can roll back the system in Windows 7 to the last restore point and thereby fix it.

To return to the last state of the system, open the “Start” menu, right-click on the “Computer” item and select the “Properties” item. In the left part of the window that appears, click the “System Protection” link (you may need to enter an administrator password).

In the dialog box that opens, on the System Protection tab, click the Restore button. The System Restore window will appear. By default, the last restore point will be selected in it - most likely it is you who need it. But if necessary, you can select the "Select another recovery point" option and find the point you need in the list that was created before installing the updates.

Having decided on the restore point, click the Next button, and after Finish. The computer will restart and proceed to restore the previous state of the system. Keep in mind: if after creating the selected restore point you installed some programs on your computer, they will disappear and you will have to install them again.

Recover from safe mode

But what if the computer is unstable, and you can’t calmly choose the right point? Then you can restore the system in Windows 7 using the safe mode, which runs only the minimum required set of drivers and system components.

To enter safe mode, select the “Restart” option in the “Start” menu and hold down the [F8] key during the reboot process.On the Advanced Boot Options screen, select the appropriate safe mode option and press [Enter]. When the system boots in safe mode, you can use recovery points as described above.

You can also open the Control Panel via the Start menu, enter the keyword “restore” without quotes in the search box, and select the “Restore” item. Both the restore points and the system restore function from the image are available here, if you have one.

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