How to run the script?

Often, advanced users and even administrators, installing a fresh operating system, setting up all kinds of firewalls, think that the system is now securely protected, and you can relax on the back of the chair. But, when writing scripts for these fresh operating systems, you need to run them correctly. Touching the topic of scripts, we will answer frequently asked questions about their launch.

Theoretically, how to run the script in windows on MS JScript (MyScript.js) as a Windows service? If, for example, we create a key in the registry and in a branch. HKЕY_LОCАL_MАСHINЕ \ SYSTEM \ CurrеntСоntrоlSеt \ services and MyService create all the required parameters, you need to write in cmd CScript in these parameters to start or through double launch on the similarity: "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ WScript.exe" or some way or something, or some way or a double launch on the similarity: "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ WScript.exe" or some way or something, or something like start or double start on the similarity: Something will turn out like a hidden mode, and the Task Manager will not explicitly view the wscript.exe process.

Often, when writing a JavaScript, there is a need to automatically make the download. And how to run the script when loading?

  • at the end of the js-file make a call to the required function.
  • in the text of the menu.js file, set the page_load () function:

Using two methods at the same time will make it very difficult to maintain and understand the code.

  • shell script is a set of system commands written in a simple text file. There is nothing particularly complicated here, just commands that can be easily entered into the command line of the system shell or into the terminal. In the future, will run the script without complications.
  • If you need to run a vbs-script and, if no changes were made to the handler with the extension “.vbs”, then after double-clicking on the file with this extension, the script will be launched. Everything should work right away. However, from the shell, the command line will not just run vbs, for this you need to use the cscript interpreter
  • In order to run the sql script using C #, you need to connect the SMO build and define ServеrСоnnеction. The ExecOnQuery () method accepts only the string parameter, so you first need to read the .sql file in a string variable. ServerConnection.ExecutedNonQuery () makes a query that will not return a result dataset.
  • In order to execute the python script, you must pass the name of the script to the interpreter. First we write in the first line: synthes error.Further we write without “$” - syntax error. This is just a file name - synths error. And the last thing you need to register is the path to the file - syntax xrror.
  • Now, how to run a php script via DENWER. Most newbies constantly make one mistake. It seems that absolutely everything is being done correctly, the necessary folders are created, Denwer is restarted and, it seems, in the end it remains only to correctly cause the file to take effect. But here again the annoying error appears. The user reopens the file simply in an ordinary browser (either by dragging and dropping the file into the browser, or by double-clicking the mouse button). These actions can easily be noticed by the name of the address in the address bar. With such actions, something like this will be written there: fil: // Z: \ hote \ mysite.local \ www \ sсript.рhр. But it will be correct to run your script, if you enter in the address of the virtual host. Directly in the address bar of the browser, you must enter: http: //mysit.lосl/sсрирt.рhр. After this input method, the script will start without any problems and will display its correct result, which should output.

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