How to say that I do not like?

Lawless Heart! Sometimes we cannot reciprocate the love of another person. It happens that, being married for many years, we get used to the spouse and love develops into friendship. It happens that we meet another person who kindles the fire of love in his heart, and the former partner must say: “Farewell”. And sometimes, we are forced to refuse a passionate fan or a fan. Then we begin to puzzle: "How to say that I do not like, and at the same time not to offend a person?". Consider how to make your refusal or breakup less painful.

Break long relationship

First of all, answer yourself the question: do you really not love a person? Do you really want to break up? Could this be a temporary alienation provoked by a quarrel or adverse life circumstances? Psychologists recommend imagining life without a partner. Will you be comfortable, or will you be tormented by memories of the departed minutes of happiness?

If you have thought about everything and still decided to say the fateful words, then do not delay the conversation.One way or another, your partner will feel something amiss. Do not stretch the painful moment, it is better to survive the gap, recover and find a new love.

So that your words do not sound like a bolt from the blue, you can prepare a little partner. Try to spend less time together, go under any pretexts, avoid tactile contacts and physical proximity. If you break the psychological connection, it will be much easier to say that you do not like.

At the very beginning of the conversation, say that it's all over between you - and this is your final decision. Prepare for the fact that the reaction may be different, pre-play in your head in different variants of events.

  • A partner starts accusing you, shouting, cursing, cursing, remembering all your sins. The main thing is not to get involved in the squabble, do not make excuses. And the more so do not start scolding your partner yourself and pointing out his shortcomings. React calmly. Say something like this: "I understand that it is very hard for you, let's discuss it later when you calm down. Let's part in a kind way."
  • The partner begins to cry, become hysterical, beg not to throw him or her, threaten suicide, etc.This behavior is especially characteristic of women. It is very difficult to withstand such a scene, but it will have to be done if your decision is firm. Try to comfort your partner, thanking for all the good things that happened in your relationship, focus on the positive qualities of your husband or wife. Nevertheless, clearly formulate your decision so that your partner does not have empty hopes.
  • The partner is locked in himself, does not respond to your words. Then leave him alone, do not push, do not demand an immediate answer. Perhaps a person just needs time to digest the information and think it over.


"I do not like, but I can not say ..." If you can not utter heavy words, write about it. Just do not write in social networks, chat rooms, e-mail. Write a regular letter, but do it only as a last resort, since it is better to talk about such serious things in person. The letter is good because you can clearly build your arguments, no one will interrupt, cry, beg to change the decision that was already given to you with great difficulty.

Failure to the fan

You confessed in love, and you think: "How to say that I do not like?". Make it easy. After all, if you have not had a long relationship, then you will not cause a deep wound with your refusal. On the contrary, you will not allow relations to develop that are doomed to failure.

You can thank a person for a good attitude, emphasize his virtues, but refer to the fact that you already have a partner or you are in love with another / another. The main thing is not to give a person vain hopes, do not pull, do not say what you think. Try to stay with a fan or a fan of your friends, or at least maintain a good relationship. If you refuse tactfully, then it is quite possible.

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