How to sew a petticoat?

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How to sew a petticoat?

A petticoat or petticoat is an item of clothing designed to create a volume of a basic skirt. Thanks to this accessory, the outfit looks more feminine and airy. Petticoat is an integral attribute of the style of the 50s, and is also often used in the manufacture of evening and ball gowns.

Most often, the petticoat is used with outfits on the floor or medium length. The article describes how to sew a simple single-layer and very lush multi-tiered petticoat.

Material selection

For the manufacture of fluffy petticoats most often used taffeta or tulle. The more rigid material you choose, the better the product will keep its shape. Organza, chiffon or usual lining fabric will perfectly suit as a base for such skirts.

The base can also be made of tulle, but in this case the petticoat will create unpleasant sensations while wearing, it can spoil the stockings or fabric of the main skirt.

How to sew a petticoats without base

This option is in the form of a skirt-sun.Cut out 4 petals in expanded form, representing a circle, which are subsequently sewn with each other.

Materials and fixtures:

  • petticoatsfatin;
  • satin ribbon;
  • sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • colored chalk;
  • tape measure.


  1. There are several options for using a petticoat: you can stitch it to the bodice (skirt) of the dress or stretch the elastic around the waist. In the first case, measure the girth of the part of the suit to which you are planning to sew a petticoat, in the second - the waist girth.
  2. Divide the resulting number by 16 (4 petals, folded 4 times). Remember the result.
  3. Take 4 square pieces of tulle. The size depends on the intended length of the petticoat. For dresses of medium length, squares with a side of 100 cm are enough. Lay the cuts one over the other and fold twice in half.
  4. At the central corner it is necessary to measure a line equal to the length of the quotient obtained in paragraph 2. It will be necessary to cut off the angle along this line.
  5. Put the length of the petticoat off the waist line. The latter is usually 4–5 cm shorter than the skirt of the dress. Cut the pattern.
  6. You should have 4 circles with a hole in the middle.Cut them along the lines of the radius and sew the parts together along these lines. As a result, you will have a fluffy skirt, the top edge of which is equal to the waist girth.
  7. Scrape the satin ribbon from the top and bottom of the seams, and use it to cut the bottom edge.
  8. Sew a petticoat to the dress or decorate the upper part with a clothesline elastic.

This accessory provides a uniform volume and does not create folds under the clothes in the waist area.

Fluffy petticoat based

This option can be used both independently and putting on top of the ready crinoline. As a basis it is convenient to use lining fabric, and the volume is created by the same tulle.


  1. Cut out 4 wedges from the lining, the upper part of which is 1/4 of the waist circumference. The bottom edge of the wedges depends on the desired volume.
  2. Sew the wedges so that you get a flat cloth.petticoats
  3. Cut the tulle into strips 30 cm wide.
  4. Sew on frills start from the bottom. Along the seam, make uniform folds. The second level of tulle should overlap the first by about a third. So you get a uniform volume, which will smoothly increase from waist to bottom.
  5. Continue to sew longlines on the lining.
  6. When the frills are finished, sew the petticoat along a vertical slit. The edge of the lower tier of tulle must be treated with satin ribbon.
  7. Sew the product to the bodice of the dress or put it on the elastic band.

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