How to smoke fish in a hot and cold way?

Many connoisseurs of fish love not only fried fillet or aspic, but also smoked meats. Learning how to smoke a fish yourself is not so difficult, and the result is worth it - there will not be chemical additives in such food that are necessarily present in store products. It will turn out both tasty and useful at the same time. So how to smoke fish?

How to smoke fish

Conditions for smoking

It is best to smoke using juniper and alder branches. Thanks to the juniper, the finished fish produces a particularly pleasant aroma and a beautiful golden hue. If there is no alder and juniper, any solid wood will do: oak, ash, hazel, maple. If it is decided to use birch, first remove the bark to get rid of the tar. Pine, cedar or spruce should not be used, as they contain a lot of resin. Chop the tree into pieces of four to six centimeters, suitable for smoking and sawdust. Bonfire of them should be hot, but small.

How to smoke a fish

How to smoke fish in a hot way?

Before cooking, fish should be salted. On sixteen kilograms of fish take about a kilogram of salt.
Small fish can be salted whole, medium-sized fish need to be gutted, and large - milled. Rub the inner surface of the carcass with salt, and rub the outer surface on the table sprinkled with salt. A fish with a thick back is incised along the ridge, and salt is also rubbed into the hole. If you have taken a fatty variety, for example, capelin, flounder or catfish, each piece must then be wrapped in parchment so that the fats do not oxidize, after which the whole fish is placed in a deep enameled dish and pressed down from the top with a tightly fixed lid. Before you smoke fish, you need to wait after salting for at least a day, and for large carcasses - up to three or four days. Then the fish will become denser and lose the taste of raw meat. Swipe the fish on the string for about an hour to drain the salt solution, then rinse with water and begin to smoke directly. Make a fire and place the carcass away from it, at the edge of the smokehouse, on a grid with thin crossbars. On such a stand, the fish will be cooked more evenly.Lay out future smoked products only in one layer and make sure that the smoke was thick enough, but did not cause burning. It is possible to regulate burning by the gate or vyushk of the furnace. Turn the fish up from time to time for the best possible result. Small varieties will be ready in an hour, and large - in three. This is noticeable in the color and texture of the surface of the skin. You can keep such a dish for about four days.

How to smoke fish in a cold way?

How to smoke fish

For cold smoked fish you need to salt, soak, dry and smoke. Hang small carcasses on the string, tying its ends into a ring. In small fish, thread the string through the eyes, and large fish pierce through the tails, tying the carcasses in pairs. Salt is required from a kilogram of ten kilograms of product, and you need to salt from three to fifteen days. The term depends on the size of carcasses. You need to wash the fish in water - from a couple of hours to days. Then the drying is from three to five days. Only then can one begin to think about how to smoke fish. The process should take from a day to six days, and the temperature should not exceed twenty-five degrees. The source of smoke should be sawdust.The finished fish should be dry and golden brown.

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