How to soak a shish kebab correctly?

Want to know how to properly shake a shish kebab? Forget about mayonnaise, vinegar and all kinds of chemical supplements from supermarkets. Today only natural products and only necessary advice! Here are the best recipes from the cuisines of several countries. You will learn how to soak a shish kebab in Georgian, Cossack and Afghan manner. This is a completely different approach to the same dish. But each recipe is unique in its own way. Read, cook, enjoy.

How to soak a shish kebabThe first recipe was left to us by one Georgian friend. It was he who told how to soak the shish kebab so that it was juicy, fragrant and really tasty. It turns out that this is quick and easy. For a shish kebab, he chose meat ribs (brisket). Those who do not like fatty meat, it is better to stop on the neck (on the most delicate chunks without fat).

Pieces should not be small, otherwiseshish kebab you will get crunches. Onion is usually made into rings. It is important that it is about the same as meat (equally). Of the seasonings, only lemon juice, basil, tarragon, parsley and white pepper were needed (well, the salt is already to taste). All this was mixed and put under pressure until the coals began to give the right heat (one and a half hours). Meat stringed on skewers along the fibers (by no means across), freeing from greens. Fry until browning, sprinkling with lemon juice.

How to properly bake shish kebabThe next recipe is the echoes of the old Cossack cuisine,but with new additions. In general, the word "shish kebab" was invented by Zaporozhye Cossacks, who borrowed the method of cooking on a spit from Crimean Tatars. The meat was then soaked not in wine with onions, but in sour milk. Details of how to soak a shish kebab in Cossacks, have not reached us, but the fundamentals still remained. So let's try to get closer to the kitchen of Zaporozhye Sich.

Prepare large chunks of young mutton (2kg), black pepper and almonds (in the ground form), sour milk (a couple of glasses) and salt. All ingredients except salt are mixed. Meat marinated for about three hours (or more). Salt will be needed already before you put the meat on the skewer (or put on the grate), send it to the coals (not earlier, otherwise the juiciness will be lost). Lamb lovers will appreciate this shish kebab.

The third recipe refers to the Afghan cuisine. It is not enough to know how to soak a shish kebab, you still have to be able to choose the "right" meat. Lamb should only be young, tender pink, light, it is pleasant to smell and not to have veins. Each piece is wiped off with a mixture of olive oil and pepper, then to the meat is added chopped onion and peeled garlic cloves (per kilogram of meat - garlic head, you can and more), tomato juice and curry. Salt, as in the previous recipe, is added already before the brazier directly, as it "pulls" the juices. Do not interrupt an excellent mutton shish kebab shop sauces. Limit yourself to fresh vegetables, herbs and good dry wine.

How to soak meat for shish kebabBefore dipping the meat for a shish kebab, pay attention to a few tips given below.

1. Any meat (lamb, chicken, pork, beef) should only be fresh, even better than steam. Frozen for shish kebabs is not suitable.

2. Do not use vinegar. As an acidic basis, it is better to take the juice of pomegranate, lemon, gooseberry. Suitable dry wine or yogurt.

3. Meat is friendly to onions, tomatoes, spices, herbs. As an experiment, try adding a little honey, mustard (to the lover) in the marinade.

4. Marinated meat is usually 6 hours, but no more than a day, otherwise the onion will give away its bitterness.

5. Pieces are strung only along the fibers (can be alternated with onions and tomatoes).

6. Shish kebab, fried on fire, will be doomed - it needs the heat of coals, and not the flame.

7. The best shish kebab is obtained on the coals of the vine. Since this is a great rarity, the logs of fruit trees (not branches) will do. The pine will give the meat bitterness, and from the birch the shish kebab will turn black.

8. If you want to play with the flavors, try throwing on the coals a little cardamom, wormwood, dill, thyme.

9. When frying, sprinkle meat with either dry wine or lemon juice.

10. Readiness of a shish kebab will show an incision of a slice. When the transparent juice appears, the meat is removed. If it's still pink, it takes a few more minutes. Well, if there is no juice at all - the shish kebab was overdried.

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