How to store a PVC boat?

November 17, 2014
How to store a PVC boat?

Such material as polyvinyl chloride is rather strong in comparison with ordinary rubber from which fishing boats were previously made. Long-term preservation of these ancestors of PVC boats was possible only with the help of baby powder or talcum and at a relatively gentle temperature.

Super material

Modern material is positioned as super durable (as a result of reinforcement multilayer PVC has a high degree of resistance to cuts and punctures, abrasion), loyal to high and low temperatures (the stated threshold is from -45 to +50 degrees Celsius). For information on how to choose a PVC boat, read in our material Which PVC boat is better.

Thus, in theory, storage of a PVC boat during the winter period is possible in almost any unheated garage or shed. Does this fit the practice?


  1. How can you keep a pvc boat at home? At temperatures below zero degrees, it is not recommended to fold and unfold the boat, since the pvc material itself is noticeably “dubeet”.This is best done when the room temperature. But at minus fifteen, for example, tissue breaks are possible, leading to irreversible processes even with the subsequent heating of PVC. So clean the boat for storage at room temperature (not below +15). And then, when folded, it can continue to be stored at very low winter temperatures.
  2. The next enemy is a garage heater or open fire. You can not even bring the already folded boat close to its source. Pvc may heat up and deformation of the material will occur again.
  3. Another danger - rodents living in the garage, shed, pantry. They are not interested in pvc as artificial material. But in a boat, bread crumbs, remains of baits, fish scales can roll around. And then damage to the material along with this food for hungry rodents is possible.

Storage preparation

  • First of all it is necessary to wash the pumped boat thoroughly before winter. You can use a mini-sink, and you can - an ordinary rag and a bucket of water. It is advisable to use detergents, but you can do with soap. The main thing is for your boat to acquire pristine brilliance and purity.
  • The next stage is drying. If possible, it should be complete - both outside and inside the boat. It is necessary to inspect the material and the bottom for damage and to eliminate existing ones.
  • And only after that the PVC boat can be folded according to the recommendations of the instructions and removed for storage in the winter.

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