How to store packages?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
November 11, 2014
How to store packages?

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How to store packages?

The order in the kitchen is not only beautiful modern furniture and household appliances, but also neatly folded things. Such things as grocery bags are always at hand and not bad when they are folded so that it is convenient to take them, and they took up little space. For information on folding bags for products, see today's article.

Cardboard Package Containers

To prevent your kitchen departments from being randomly filled with a bunch of plastic bags, you can use specially made containers that are easily attached to the door of the cabinets.

It is easy to make such containers yourself. It is necessary to take a cardboard tea box with a window and an opening top, glue it with beautiful paper and attach it to the cabinet door from the inside using double-sided tape. The convenience of such a container is that you need to put the bags on top and pull them through the existing hole.

Decorative containers for storing packages

If there is not much space in the cabinets or the previous method with a cardboard container does not suit you, you can solve the problem of their storage in a different way.

This method is suitable for those who know how to crochet. It is necessary to tie a decorative container in the form of a fruit or vegetable, which is not ashamed to hang in the kitchen as a decor.packages

This container can be very diverse in shape and size. It can be as a small strawberry or carrot, or a larger corn cob, connected with double crochets, or a long stocking-shaped floral arrangement connected by air loops. But in any case, each form should have holes at the top and bottom: the first is bigger for laying the bags, the second is smaller for pulling the bags.

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