How to strengthen your back?

Many of us strain muscles all day long without even realizing it. Due to poor posture, we have weak muscles, and this causes physical tension and additional fatigue. Back pain affects your lifestyle and limits daily enjoyment. It can be painful, but it passes with time. This article discusses how to strengthen your back with effective exercises.

The weakest part of the body in humans is the back, despite its apparent power, because all the weight-related stress lies on the spine. After all, sooner or later, but each of us gets a disease associated with the spine. Doctors believe that back pain is our “payback” for walking on two legs. In order to reduce back pain, there are exercises that strengthen the muscles of the back.

A set of exercises for the back

With different diseases of the back there are also various exercises. Some exercises have less stress on the spine and muscles, others - more. How to strengthen your back at home?

  1. Stretching the spine.It is done on a horizontal bar, for this you need to hang on it for 1-2 minutes, or how much force is enough. It is on the spine and its stretching that all concentration must go. Rest a bit and try to pull yourself up, bend back, and bend your legs at a right angle. Exercise is done smoothly, without jerks.
  2. With scoliosis. From the position on all fours, reach the left elbow to the right elbow, round the back, at the same time, exhale, then stretch the leg and arm, bend - inhale. Alternating your arm and leg, do it 10 times. Strain your back muscles, try to keep your balance and not sway.
  3. To strengthen the back. Lie on the couch with your upper body so your legs and pelvis hang down. Holding the edges of the couch, lift your legs together, parallel to the floor. Hold your legs for 5-6 seconds and lower. Do the exercise 6-8 times.
  4. "Strong back." Lying on a rug, place a flat roller under the lower back, bend your legs slightly, spread the legs to the width of the pelvis. Point your toes with effort towards you, and with your heels, rest against the floor. Bend the arms in the elbows and turn the hands towards the shoulders and strain. Do exercise with a press, for this, lift the back of your head from the floor, and pull your chin to your chest as much as possible and fix this position for a few seconds. Then relax.

You have learned how to strengthen the muscles of the back and can safely apply this knowledge in practice.

How to strengthen the back of the child

To find out if your child has enough muscle strength in order to acquire motor skills at an age, you can conduct a test for your back muscles. Testing is done from 6 months. Lying on the tummy to raise the baby above the floor or table, holding him by the waist. The child must hold onto the weight while straightening the back. Here we consider how to strengthen the child's back muscles.

Exercises for the back muscles of the kid

  1. Holding the baby in your arms, carry it with your back to yourself during the day, in the pelvis and legs hold it with your hand. Together with him try forward and straighten up. Your task is to make the baby learn to hold the upper part of the body in an upright position. Repeat 3-5 times.
  2. Exercise on the gym ball. Put the baby belly on the ball with his feet to him. First, hold the child by the body; make movements rolling away from you, then towards yourself. Develops the ability to bend in the back in the form of a boat. Hold the child in this position for 8-10 seconds. And repeat 3-5 times.After that, you should change the direction from side to side and in a circle. Also repeat 3-5 times.
  3. And you can complicate the last exercise by holding the baby in the hips. And do the exercise in the same way, but the child will have the opportunity to learn to hold the upper half of the body itself for a maximum of 5 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.

Now you are familiar with how to strengthen the back of the child, because it is very important that your baby develops correctly!

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