How to take birth in a person at home

Modern medicine provides women with the opportunity to independently choose the place where their child will be born. Today it is not at all required that the woman in labor should lie on the couch and suffer from strong contractions in any particular position. Many future mothers choose alternative paths, they can even be resolved by a special pool or in their own apartment, at home. The adoption of such a decision, of course, requires great responsibility and knowledge. How to take delivery outside the hospital? There is a lot of important information that parents should definitely consider.

What needs to be prepared for childbirth?

The question of how to take birth in a person at home is quite complicated, it requires a detailed, lengthy preparation. However, it often happens that contractions begin at an unplanned time. Realizing that the ambulance will not have time to arrive on time, you should prepare a number of essential items. It:

  • The most pure material from the fabric (suitable for a large towel, sheet). Do not forget to measure a few canvases just in case.
  • Disinfectant containing alcohol (optimally - medical alcohol, in case of absence - cologne or vodka).
  • Sterile cotton or gauze.
  • Zelenka or iodine.
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Boiled water.
  • Ice (for example, in a plastic bottle).
  • Knife or blade.
  • Threads (used for processing the umbilical cord, before use are subject to obligatory treatment with alcohol or its substitute).

If you are planning to give birth, be sure to wash and disinfect your hands, if possible, trim your nails and process them with iodine. How to take birth in a woman, what information you need to know first?how to take birth

Create the right environment!

It is not enough to know the technical aspects of how to take birth on your own. It is also very important to create special conditions that will help a woman to relax and tune in the desired fashion. First of all, a woman in labor should be reassured and determine the most comfortable place for her. It is believed that the most comfortable is the posture on the side or the position of half-sitting reclining, under the shoulders of the future mother must necessarily be a support.Try to get rid of external irritants in the room, bright light, loud sound, the presence of unauthorized people, drafts. Help the woman undress and lay a clean sheet under her.childbirth doctor

General information about childbirth

So, how to take birth in a woman? Ideally, the process looks pretty simple and logical. Give the expectant mother an opportunity to act independently and not interfere in the natural course of things. A person without relevant experience and education is absolutely not recommended to check the condition of the birth canal manually; Also, do not use pain relief medicines or go to the bathroom. In the process of giving birth, a woman should be given possible moral support. To ease physical discomfort, it is recommended to wipe the mother's face with wet wipes and give her to drink clean water in small sips. At the first signs of a quick delivery, treat the future mother's crotch with a light solution of to give birth to a woman

Useful tips for emergency and pain relief

It is necessary not only to have information on how to take birth, but also knowledge about how to remove severe pain or cope with an emergency situation. So, in case of pain, it is recommended to massage the inner side of the thighs and the lumbar region. What difficulties can you encounter in the process of taking birth? Quite often it happens that the woman stops the contractions, ask her to take a horizontal position and dissolve the legs raised in the knees. Tell her how to push. To do this, the hand is placed in the region of the solar plexus and with the help of breathing and internal efforts are trying to push it away. If, during the birth process, the cord was twisted around the baby’s neck, then without delay it should be can take a bath after childbirth

Baby Care Rules

First of all, the head of the child should appear on the light (this position is usually called headache presentation). Do not worry if you think that it has a slightly unusual acute form, it is quite natural. In no case do not pull the baby, just gently support it. Be extremely careful - after the baby’s shoulders appear, the rest of the body will appear as quickly and easily as possible.

The first step is to remove mucus from the skin of the newborn and cover it with a towel. If you know that a medical team should arrive in the near future, then it is not worthwhile to engage in self-cutting the umbilical cord, it will be enough just to bandage it. For this, the umbilical cord is intercepted in two places at 10 and 15 centimeters from the navel of the child.

If the help is not expected, the umbilical cord will need to be cut. To do this, the area fenced off with threads is treated with iodine, and then cut with a sharp knife. Do not forget to make a mandatory processing of this device, for this metal is treated with open fire and smeared with a disinfectant. The incision site is also required to protect from germs and bacteria. For these purposes it is better to use brilliant green.

It is highly desirable to treat the nostrils and mouth of the baby from mucus. To do this you need a clean cloth or gauze. Movement should be confident, but as accurate as possible, because the skin of a newborn is very easy to damage. Make sure the baby is breathing and nothing is stopping him. Good signs are a light blush, a loud cry, a reaction to stimuli from the outside.

Knowing how to take birth in a person, you can quickly navigate the difficult situation and make the right decisions that will save both the mother and the to take birth in humans

Period after childbirth

The final stage of labor can be considered a waste of the placenta. It must be kept for transfer to doctors. The first time the woman is advised not to get up and be in a horizontal position. For the postpartum period is characterized by active uterine contraction. To further accelerate this process, you can gently press a few times on the lower abdomen. If necessary, in the same area lay out the ice in the bottle. Mothers can be given warm water or weak tea, as well as provide complete rest for the child and her. Many moms after normalization of the general condition want to wash. How long can I take a bath after childbirth? In this case, the optimal solution is to visit the shower, but you can fully immerse yourself in water only after the bleeding stops completely, that is, after 1–1.5 to take birth in a person at home

Possible consequences of home birth

In some cases, knowing how to deliver a baby at home is not enough.With certain indicators of the health and condition of the mother and child, the process should be carried out strictly in a medical institution under the supervision of doctors. This is extremely important not only for the health of two people, but also for their lives. What complications could be the decision to stay at home? First of all it can lead to:

  • hypoxia due to poor labor;
  • rupture of the uterus and cervix;
  • severe bleeding;
  • complication of child's health.

A physician who takes delivery at any time can provide a woman with qualified help, ranging from cesarean section and ending with the use of obstetric forceps.

Contraindications to the birth of a child at home

Contraindications for delivery outside the medical institution are the following:

  • Chronic diseases of the mother.
  • Diseases of the fetus.
  • Buttock or foot previa.
  • Obstetric pathology (problems with the placenta).
  • The heavy weight of the child, narrow mother's pelvis.

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