How to tie yourself?

With the help of the most simple improvised means you can tie your arms and / or legs in a matter of minutes. The main thing is to always remember about the possible risks and never try to bind yourself if there is even the slightest threat to your life and health!

Bind yourself with scotch tape

Strong adhesive tape is perfect for binding. You do not have to think about how to fix the end, besides, the tape will not leave bruises and scratches on the skin.

  1. Before you tie yourself with scotch tape, it is better to wrap your hands / feet with a cloth, otherwise removing the tape that is stuck to the skin will be extremely painful.
  2. Find some kind of holder on which you can put a reel with tape for convenience. For example, it could be a large towel hook or door knob. You can also just clamp the coil door.
  3. Put your hands together, glue the tip of the tape to your hand and then use the circular movements of your hands to wind the tape.

Tie yourself with a rope

This option will be somewhat more complicated, since you will be faced with the question of tightening at the end of the rope fixing the rope. However, after a few workouts, you can easily do it.

  • One of the simplest methods is the usual wrapping of the rope around the arms. To do this, one end must be clamped with the feet, and the other to take in the hand. After the first few turns, it will be possible to release the rope from the hands and fix it only with the feet. Tie the ends by helping yourselfTie yourselfteeth.
  • You can bind yourself with the help of a “shackle”. It is made of two loops that are threaded into each other. In the resulting ears you need to pass your hands, then tighten the loose tail of the rope. This can be done either with your teeth, or, for example, by fixing the ends on a hook or door handle (so that they can be easily removed later).
  • Very simple to perform and loop "slip". First, we make a loop, fasten the free end of the rope on some holder (so that it can be removed later), then pass the arms / legs into the loop and pull it so that the loop is tightened. We fix the fixed end of the rope from the holder and fix it with a simple knot on the loop with the help of fingers and teeth.

Instead of a rope, you can use strong shoe laces, a jump rope and even thin, but strong wires from household appliances.

Tie yourself with a belt

A good alternative to rope can be a regular belt from the trousers. He mustTie yourselfto be not too wide and dense, otherwise fix the tight tip will be difficult.

  1. Fold the belt in half. Fold the belt in the buckle so that the tip remains outside.
  2. We slip our hands into this double loop and with the help of our teeth we tighten it, ensuring that the strap fits the arms / legs as closely as possible. The end of the strap can be fixed by pushing it into the loop between the arms / legs, but, in principle, if you tighten the loop tightly, you can leave the end free - it will still be difficult to break free.

Instead of a trouser belt, you can use any other belts that have an “ear” buckle - belts from bags, cameras, dog leashes, etc.

Tie yourself with a tie

If suddenly none of the above was found in the house, then an ordinary tie or a ribbon of strong fabric tied in its image can come to the rescue.

Put your hands in the loop of the tie. Tighten the tips, holding them with your feet, teeth, or locking them in advance on the door handle or on any other convenient holder. Tuck the ends in a loop between the limbs.

How will you be free?

When thinking about how to tie yourself up correctly, do not forget to think about how you will remove your bonds. For example, prepare in advance some sharp objects with which you can cut the knot. Do not forget to tie yourself so that even with your hands and / or legs tied you can get rid of the knot!

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