How to treat bumps from injections?

Many had to deal with injections that put intramuscularly. Unfortunately, after the course of these injections has passed, the skin may have unpleasant consequences in the form of bumps. They may appear earlier, after the first injection, if the painful injections, undoubtedly, no one has to go for repeated procedures with such a problem, therefore the question of how to treat the cones for injections is very common. Such seals on the skin can cause significant discomfort, if you do not do anything with them, then they will pass for a long time, so it is better to take care of how to treat bumps from injections.

Cones after injections: how to treat

It should be noted that these seals are often due to the fact that the muscle, where the injection was injected, was not sufficiently relaxed, perhaps the needle was not too suitable length. As a result, the drug stagnates, not completely absorbed.

Means of struggle with cones are divided into folk and traditional, each person chooses what suits him best.

Folk ways

Cabbage treatment

Surely everyone knows about the use of cabbage leaves in the treatment of cones. All that is needed is to attach the sheet to the sore spot, it is advisable to cut it a little beforehand.

Honey Compresses

There is a more "tasty" method - this is honey. Take some honey, egg yolk and butter, mix everything, add flour. This dough should be applied to the skin at night. From above, the appliqué is fixed with cellophane and underwear.

Vodka Compresses

Vodka packs are also a fairly common way of dealing with cones after injections, just remember to apply a nourishing cream or Vaseline on your skin beforehand, otherwise you can burn tender skin.

Iodine from cones

If you do not want to bother with the preparation of honey dough, and there is no vodka at home, try the good old net of iodine, you need to repeat it three times a day.

Aloe's true remedy

You can try another tool that you will probably find at home - this is aloe. Tear off the most meaty sheet and put it in the refrigerator overnight, then remember well and repel, take out the flesh and attach it to the right place, fix it with a plaster on top.

Traditional medicine

If you are a supporter of traditional medicine, then ointment will help you. You can use Troxevasin and Levomekol, Bepanten cream also helps well. They just need to anoint a sore spot and leave it alone. If you use Vishnevsky ointment, then make compresses - apply ointment, cover with a bandage on top, hold for about three hours.

The emergence of cones after injections than to treat, it is better to prevent, and here's how - ask that the injection was placed to you lying down rather than standing, so the muscles better relax and do not touch the injection site at least some time.

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