How to twist the rosary?

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How to twist the rosary?

During excavations in India, archaeologists found rosaries made in the second millennium BC.

Initially, they were used by ministers of religious cults to count the prayers read or the rites performed.

The rosaries are a cord (or ribbon) with beads, plates, pebbles, etc., strung on it. Today they are worn in the form of jewelry. And if you know how to twist the rosary, you can immediately raise your authority among friends.

Apparently, due to the fact that, turning over the rosary, a person can better concentrate on his thoughts, they are widely used in places of detention.

There is time for thought - more than enough, and there is something to think about the inhabitants of the “zone”. Prisoners make rosaries of wood, metal, plexiglass, stones, and even bread.

Prisoner beads are a flat ribbon, not connected to a ring, and consisting of thirteen elements. Such beads are called flat or reversible. Their slang names are “beads-talkers” and “snakes”.

The rosaries have become an attribute of the subculture of prisoners. But in the wild, loose-leaf beads are also very popular.

It turns out that you still need to know how to properly twist the rosary. If you set out to learn how to twist the "rosary-talkers", you will need the rosaries themselves, a lot of patience and a lot of free time.

Do you have all of the above in stock? Then - let's go!

How to turn flip rosary

Method number 1

  1. Pin the rosary in the middle between the index and middle fingers.
  2. Throw the lower end of the rosary up and grab your thumb and index finger.
  3. At the same time, the ends of the rosaries are in contact, a characteristic clatter is heard.
  4. The tail, which before was on top, goes down.
  5. You repeat your actions, and the ends change places again, moving in a circle.

Method number 2

  1. Pin the rosary between the index and middle fingers, as in the first version. Only now the middle finger will be the axis of rotation of the rosary.
  2. Move the lower end of the rosary from the index finger to the big one.
  3. He must meet with the upper end and go into the gap between the ring and middle finger.
  4. The upper end of the rosary (and it is clamped between the middle and index fingers) is released and goes down.Here he again meets with the bottom, which moves upward.

Method number 3

Beads are consistently wrapped around the index, middle and ring fingers. The forearm does not move. Work only with your fingers. This method is the most difficult and requires long workouts. But he is considered the highest aerobatics among the initiated.

For each of the methods there is a special unique sound that is heard when the ends of the rosary are in contact with each other.

If you watch a video on how to twist a rosary, you will clearly hear that in the first case, the rosary makes sounds like ticking clocks. In the second, you will hear the wheels of the train.

The third option will blow up the silence with a machine-gun burst, and in the performance of the master, one click can simply be heard when the ends of the rosary meet at the top, bending around the thumb.

Basically, that's all the wisdom. And to become an unsurpassed master in this business, you need to train, train and train again. Good luck and creative victories!

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