How to wash a cat? How to wash a cat for the first time

Cats are clean animals. They can take good care of themselves. But sooner or later the owner of a furry pet should help him and carry out the necessary, but not always favorite ritual - to bathe his pet.

how to wash a cat

How to wash a cat

Cat owners need to know that for almost all breeds (with rare exceptions) this is quite a powerful stress. Therefore, before embarking on bathing an animal, you need to remember some rules.

First of all, you must be sure that your pet is completely healthy. Sick cat such a procedure will bring nothing but harm. It is not necessary to bathe the animal immediately after feeding - at least four hours should pass after a meal.

Preparation for bathing

Many inexperienced "catmen" are interested in how to wash the cat for the first time. You must prepare for this procedure thoroughly. You will need:

  • a terry towel in which you wrap your pet after bathing;
  • a small towel to be laid on the bottom of the bathroom;
  • special shampoo and to wash a cat for the first time

The bath should be filled with warm water (39-40 degrees) so that it reaches approximately to the blades of the animal. If there is more liquid, and your pet starts to actively break out, then it can get into his ears, which is very dangerous. Cat ears - a very sensitive place. Water should not be cooler than the specified temperature, as your pet can chill the internal organs. You should know that the body temperature of a healthy cat is slightly higher than that of humans. That is why the water for your pet should be slightly warmer.

Shampoo selection

Often, from cat lovers you can hear the question: “Can I wash the cat with ordinary shampoo?” No, you can't. His choice should be approached very seriously. The problem is that humans and cats have different Ph levels. Therefore, in order not to injure the skin of the animal, use a special tool.

Shampoos for cats can be divided into 3 groups:

  • dry;
  • liquid;
  • sprays.

Dry shampoo is a magic wand in cases where the animal is simply afraid of water in panic, and there is no way to cope with this fear. Do not forget that from stress and cat's heart does not become healthier.what can wash the cat

A few minutes after applying the shampoo on the fur, it is combed along with dirt. A quality remedy cleans the animal's skin almost as effectively as its liquid counterpart.

In veterinary pharmacies you can offer spray-shampoo. It acts the same as dry. After applying it, your pet's hair will get antistatic protection for a while, it will be easier to comb, silky and smooth.

The most popular shampoo liquid. This group of detergents is more specialized. There are liquid shampoos for cats against ticks and fleas, for silky hair and others. They should be used no more than 3 times a year. If you use them more often, you can disrupt the sebaceous glands of the animal. An exception can only be situations where the cat's hair is heavily polluted, especially by some synthetic substances. So, we figured out the question of what you can wash the cat, and it's time to start the process of bathing.

you can wash the cat with regular shampoo

Washing procedure

When using dry shampoo special preparations will not be required. This procedure will not be more difficult than regular combing. To do it better on the floor - it will be easier for you to remove the powder.If you choose a shampoo spray, be very careful. Most cats have a very negative attitude to "pshikayuschim" sounds.

Everything is much more complicated when using liquid products. Cats are very sensitive creatures with mental and telepathic abilities. Therefore, regardless of your desire, the pet will feel your "cunning plan." He will start to worry, maybe he will try to hide.

How to wash a cat for the first time if he is so worried? When everything is ready for washing, take your pet in your arms, talk to him for a few minutes, stroke him so that he calms down a to wash the cat

Before washing, the animal must be combed well to remove dead hair, otherwise it will be difficult to comb the dead wool after the “bath”. In addition, special nippers or scissors need to cut off the claws, so that the animal could not severely hurt its owner during the water procedure.

How to wash a cat, so as not to injure him? First, thoroughly moisten all the animal's hair with warm water. During the treatment of the head, we press the ears with the palm to prevent water from entering them.We apply shampoo for the first time and carefully distribute it over the body of the animal, while paying special attention to the most polluted parts of the body - we wash the paws, belly, behind the ears, the region of the sex glands. Hand movements should be soft, massaging. Then wash off the shampoo (not forgetting to close the ears). This will remove the strongest dirt.

Lather the cat should be at least two times.

how to wash a cat

Special shampoos

How to wash a cat, so as not to injure his eyes? When the turn of the face comes, you will need shampoo for kittens "No tears". In extreme cases, if it is not at hand, use a child’s equivalent.

It is time to apply shampoo-intensifier color. Today there are such products on sale for all colors. It is recommended to use only one of them, which will enhance the natural color of wool, and not artificially dye it. Then shampoo should be thoroughly washed off. In conclusion, apply the conditioner, leave it on the wool for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The procedure is complete. Now you know how to wash a cat. It remains to find out what to do next.

Dry the fur

All cat owners need to remember that these animals are very susceptible to colds.Even if you know how to wash a cat without injuring yourself or your pet, this is only half the battle. We need to know how to dry up the pet's coat after washing. Wrap it with a thick terry towel to absorb moisture. When the cloth gets wet, take it dry. Then put the cat on the floor, on the rug, and start drying the hair with a hair dryer. The air jet should be warm, the speed of the dryer should be minimal. When drying, brush your hair with a sparse brush so as not to hurt the animal. But we can assure you that after applying all of the above means, combing will be easy and painless.

how to wash the cat

We tried to tell you how to wash the cat and dry its wool, traumatizing the psyche of the animal as little as possible. Give him a little time after bathing, hold him in your arms, caress, let him finally calm down.

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