How to write a testimonial? Sample.

A characteristic is an official document that contains feedback about the work or activities of an employee, and also reflects his personal and professional qualities. How to write a characteristic - you will learn from our article.

Writing any characteristics is reduced to the observance of general rules.

Rules for compiling characteristics

  • The document must specify the surname, name and patronymic of the employee, date of birth;
  • Next - the education of the employee, and also indicates which schools he graduated from;
  • You must specify the place of work from which the characteristic is given. All positions held in the organization are indicated and all duties performed by him are prescribed;
  • Further, the characteristics indicate the positive qualities with which the employee is endowed. Here you can reflect both professional and personal qualities;
  • It is necessary to reflect information about awards and achievements;
  • Reflect information about courses, seminars and trainings.If the employee actively participated in the work on the company's projects, then such information is also indicated in the description;
  • The last item of the characteristic will be an indication of why the characteristic was composed and to which organization.

In order to correctly write a characteristic, you must correctly own the speech, as well as use the business style of writing. The characteristic is made in a free form on an A4 sheet. When writing, use the general information presented above. The characteristic is compiled in two copies: one is sent to the place of demand, and the second remains in the archive of the organization.

Characteristics can make the employee himself, and then to assure her of the head of his signature and stamp of the organization. In most cases, this is due to the burden of the employer. In this case, the main thing is not to be shy and list all your strengths and achievements.

Sample Specs


on the head of the sales department of LLC "Stroy plus"

Korolev Andrey Ivanovich

Andrey Korolev was born on April 10, 1984. In 2006, he graduated from the Voronezh Institute of Management, Economics and Law with a degree in Trade, has a higher education.

From 2010 to the present, he worked in LLC Stroy Plus in the following positions: sales manager, loyal customer manager, and sales manager. He is a qualified specialist, successfully led the department.

A.I. Korolev was taking advanced training courses. He studied the special literature, as well as regulatory documents necessary for effective work. Responsible attitude to the performance of their duties.

The head of the organization noted the aspiration of I. I. Korolev for professional growth: the employee receives a second higher education in the specialty "Personnel Management".

In 2012 he received the title of "Best Seller" of the company.

During his work, A. I. Korolev has established himself not only as a disciplined employee, but also as an initiative employee who is ready to take responsibility in solving many issues on himself.

In communication with colleagues polite and friendly, the team is respected.

Characteristics issued for presentation at the place of demand.

Director of "Stroy plus"

A. A. Volkov

Memo for the compiler characteristics

  1. Before you make a description, make an employee's consent to transfer his personal data to third parties in writing.
  2. It is impossible to evaluate employee data that does not relate to professional activities (nationality, religion, political beliefs, etc.).
  3. If the institution to which the characteristic is sent has the prescribed form of the document, then it is necessary to make a characteristic of the given form.

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