How to write an essay about yourself?

Writing or telling about yourself is a mandatory element of the school curriculum in literature and the English language. The volume and content of the essay varies depending on the level of student preparation, but the general rules of writing remain unchanged. Write an essay about yourself is simple.

Writing plan

First you need to make a plan of the composition. Like any other kind of written work, an essay about yourself consists of three parts:

  1. Introductory part;
  2. Main part;
  3. Conclusion

Usually, a story plan about yourself looks like

  1. Name, age, place of study.
  2. School, favorite subjects.
  3. Best friends and joint activities.
  4. Family, parenting professions.
  5. Appearance and character.
  6. Hobbies and hobbies.
  7. Dreams and future plans.

All parts of the essay are just examples of what can be written. Depending on what volume of essay is required in the end, you can remove or add parts as desired. Regardless of what language you want to write an essay - in Russian or English, the requirements for the essay are similar.

General recommendations

Division into semantic parts

Any written work should be divided into semantic parts, it makes it logical and complete. Also, thanks to the semantic division of the text is easier to read and digest.

Paragraph division

To maintain the correct structure of the text and to ensure maximum readability of the text, it is necessary to divide the paragraphs. To do this correctly is simple - usually the red line begins a new thought, the next semantic part of the narration.

Use of introductory words and constructions

One of the necessary requirements for an essay is the use of introductory constructions and words, for example:

  • Maybe;
  • But;
  • Finally;
  • Certainly;
  • Finally;
  • In other words.

Recommendations for writing an introduction

To diversify the essay, you can replace the trivial phrases about age and place of study with a small abstract introductory paragraph. A story about yourself can be started with the words of a famous person or writer about how difficult it is to talk about yourself, or winged expressions that relate to the description of a person’s personality or character.

  • “If you want to conquer the whole world, conquer yourself,” said F. Dostoevsky.
  • “A person feels the meaning and purpose of his own life only when he is aware that he is needed by others,” wrote S. Zweig.
  • “A person is what he believes in,” said A. P. Chekhov.
  • “It’s not necessary to look at where a person was born, but what his manners are, not in what land, but by what principles he decided to live his life,” wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
  • "Metal is recognized by ringing, and man by the word," said Baltasar Gracian-e-Morales.

Recommendations for writing the main part

In the main part should provide information that relates directly to the nature, hobbies and hobbies. You can also tell about your best friends and joint activities. A dry description of qualities should be replaced by a description of the situations in which these qualities manifest themselves. You can also diversify the same type of narration with your own conclusions about friendship, family and society. Here you can also bring some interesting quotes and comment on them in your own words.

Recommendations for writing a conclusion

An excellent conclusion will be a small story about their aspirations or dreams.It is important to write about what steps have already been taken on the path to a dream, and what plans to develop certain skills or character traits will help in achieving the intended goal. This conclusion focuses on the positive qualities of a person: his sense of purpose and willingness to overcome any difficulties.

The original conclusion may contain a description of a case from the life that somehow attracted attention or was remembered. It is not necessary to be a participant in the event to write about it. You can also comment on what conclusion should be drawn from what he saw or heard.

It's easy to write an essay about yourself - it’s enough to make a plan correctly, include all the necessary information and show some originality and creativity.

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