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In 2 "there is a huge number of characters, each of which is unique. He has his own skills and capabilities, so you should carefully choose which character will become your favorite. The fact is that each gamer can conduct each new battle for another character, however, you should understand that you cannot master this or that hero perfectly, and this is very important in order to impose competition on other gamers. Accordingly, you should choose - a particular character that you like the most, then study its features and train, developing your own strategies and tactics of combat. In this article we will focus on the character Death Prophet, who is far from the most popular, but surprisingly strong You can learn all the details about him, but you should understand that reading this guide does not mean that you will immediately start playing for this hero at the highest level. Hyde offers key information about the character Death Prophet, and you can use this informationto train and develop your strategies to improve your character skills.


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The first thing the guide about the Death Prophet character will tell you is its advantages. This moment is very important, as many gamers who start the game for this character, quickly quit, because they can not quickly master it. That is why you should calmly read this article, as it will help you master this difficult heroine. So, first of all you need to realize that this character is one of the best pushers in the whole game. About what this role means, you will learn a little later, but the mere fact that Death Prophet is one of the best in this role is already talking about something. Secondly, she has an impressive silence, which does not allow opponents to use abilities that can be useful to you in battle. Thirdly, special attention should be paid to the ulta, that is, to the hero’s strongest skill, since it is truly impressive. And, of course, do not forget that this heroine has several skills at once, which act not only on the enemy, but on the territory. And also this heroine can be easily chosen as a carry.


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Naturally, there are downsides to the character Death Prophet. Hyde will certainly tell about the shortcomings of the character, as this is very important information. You always need to know not only how to enjoy the benefits, but also how to cover up and compensate for the shortcomings. In the case of this heroine, it is worth noting that in the initial stages of the game she is rather weak, and therefore needs care. Mana is also important to her, as she cannot achieve much with standard attacks. In addition, many gamers report that this heroine is very dependent on the items, so you will need to competently approach the purchase of things at the beginning of each round. Anyway, in the game "Dota", Death Prophet is a very interesting character, so you should give her a chance, since you definitely will not be disappointed.


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In the game "Dota 2", Death Prophet can assume several different roles. First of all, it can be Kerry, that is, the character on whom the game of the whole team in the round depends. The first half of the round, this character is under the tutelage of other heroes, he just pumps and strengthens, in order to reach the maximum of his capabilities in the second half of the game.Thus, this particular character will be able to bring victory to his team in the second half of the game. But this is not the only role for this heroine. Secondly, as mentioned above, this heroine can be a great pusher. Pushers are characters whose goal is to quickly advance to the enemy base, destroy its towers and instantly destroy the enemy before their carry has reached a high level and can tip the scales in the other direction. Also, this heroine can be a nuker or a disabler. The first role is the heroes who rely on the power of their magical attacks, and the second is the heroes who disable one or several enemy targets so that more powerful partners can quickly deal with them. In Dota 2, Death Prophet will be a very strong character if he is in the right hands. How to make your hands right for this heroine? Now you will learn all about her abilities.

Crypt swarm

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Hyde to Death Prophet for "Dota 2" will tell you exactly how to use those skills that will be available to you if you choose this character. And the first skill allows you to send a swarm of bats to a specific enemy or to a specific point on the map.This skill can inflict from 75 to 300 damage depending on the level of this ability. Pay attention that bats pass through the enemy and cause the same damage to those enemies that are on the same line. This guide on Death Prophet for Dota 2, of course, is not limited to the description of one skill.


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This skill is the one that many gamers pay attention to. In this game, the camp and silence are very important, that is, those skills that immobilize and prohibit the use of skills, respectively, and now you will understand the advantage of this heroine. The fact is that she casts a spell aimed at the area, and all opponents who are in this area lose the ability to use skills for a period of three to six seconds, depending on the level of the skill. Naturally, this allows the heroine to clearly control opponents, so that teammates can effectively destroy impotent enemies.

Spirit siphon

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This skill is already aimed at a specific opponent, with whom your character has a shadow connection lasting six seconds.What gives you this connection? Firstly, the speed of movement of the enemy at this time is reduced by 5-20 percent, which helps you and your partner deal with the enemy. Secondly, every second the enemy takes 20 points of damage, to which one to five percent of the total health damage is added. This is pretty good damage, especially if you are attacking not a creep, but an enemy hero. Moreover, with increasing levels, the number of charges that you can use at the same time increases. At the maximum level, you can immediately establish four shadow ties with opponents.


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Well, finally, it's time to talk about the sensational ulta. What makes it so impressive gamers? The fact is that the heroine releases evil spirits who attack opponents, inflicting from 56 to 61 damage on them. At the first level of these spirits, there are only eight, but at the last there are already 24 of them. However, this is not all. The fact is that after 35 seconds after the activation of the spell, the spirits return to the hostess and heal her for 25 percent of the total amount of damage done. This means that as far as possible with this skill, you can heal your heroine by 366 units, which is very impressive.In general, now you see that there is nothing surprising in the fact that this Ulta is very powerful and extremely highly valued in the game.


The last thing that will be discussed in this article is talents. This feature has been introduced relatively recently. What does she represent? When the character reaches a specific level, you are invited to choose one of two talents. When this heroine reaches level 10, you can choose 12 additional percent of magic resistance or 5 additional percent of damage done by abilities. At level 15, you can choose 150 units of a range of abilities or an acceleration of one and a half seconds of reloading the first skill. At level 20, you can increase the speed of movement of your character by 50 units or accelerate the recharge of all skills by 10 percent of the total time. Well, at level 25 you have to make the last serious choice: eight additional spirits, which your heroine will produce when using ulta or 600 additional health units.

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