I wonder what products contain zinc?

Zinc, as is known from the school curriculum, is a light blue metal, an element of the periodic table. It is not found in nature in its pure form, only in chemical compounds, and is an important nutrient in living organisms.

Why is it important to human health?

what products contain zincZinc is an indispensable catalyst for the production of sperm and male hormones. It is also part of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase - a substance that breaks down alcohol in the human body. It is very important for the production and assimilation of vitamin E, which is necessary for hair growth and skin renewal. The required daily dose of zinc for an adult is 15 mg, but even with sufficient intake, zinc is not absorbed by more than 2/3 because it is actively excreted with the help of sweat glands. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the food contained it in sufficient quantities for normal life.

What foods contain zinc?

Its greatest concentration is in such a delicacy as oysters. But this product on the tables of our compatriots is a rather rare phenomenon, therefore it should be remembered that there are other products rich in zinc that are simple and affordable.

Fruits and sweets

The leader among them are pumpkin seeds. They contain only 25% less zinc than in oysters. What other products are zinc? In cocoa beans and chocolate - to the delight of lovers of sweet. Also, from sweet foods, its quantity sufficient to cover daily needs is in such berries and fruits as raspberries, lemons, and sweet cherries.

what products are zincMeat

If we look at more detailed foods, such as meat, which foods contain zinc? In lean beef, calf liver and lamb, it is enough to replenish daily intake. Therefore, when there is a shortage of zinc in the menu, these components should be included in the menu.

The nuts

What foods contain zinc? Another leader of the list are nuts and seeds. They are particularly rich in watermelon seeds, sesame and sesame oil, peanuts and sprouted wheat. These seeds and cereals can be added to breakfast mixes such as muesli or used separately to obtain the daily allowance of this metal needed by the body.A lot of zinc is also found in wholegrain baking, so you should pay attention to it when choosing bakery products.

zinc rich foodsWhat is terrible lack of zinc for the human body?

First of all - a weakened immune system, and consequently, a predisposition to all kinds of viral diseases. In addition, zinc deficiency is characterized by a lack of appetite, active hair loss, impaired vision, and in children - growth retardation. Men with low zinc intake suffer from sexual dysfunction. In general, the body without zinc suffers from eye and skin damage. Knowing what foods contain zinc, all this can be avoided if we correctly approach the issue of nutrition and make sure that food rich in this chemical element appears on the table in a timely manner.

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