Irina Voronina will decorate any frame with him

Irina Voronina is well known to fans of feminine beauty because of her work in Playboy magazine, but TV viewers can recognize her by several roles on the screen. As an actress, she recorded 21 films and a television series for herself.

A native of the Soviet Union at Playboy

Model Irina Vadimovna Voronina was one of the millions of former Soviet citizens in search of a better life overseas and became the embodiment of the American dream.

For her, the path to success began with moving to the United States from Russia. A native of the Soviet Union in childhood and youth found not the easiest times in their homeland. With the collapse of the country and the birth of a new one, the young girl didn’t have much chance of success or even well-being. But external data allowed her to expect a better future. Attractive blonde rightly hoped to attract the attention of tabloids or modeling agencies.

Charming blonde

She was lucky to be in the field of view of the legendary male edition of Playboy.The editors of this magazine offered cooperation to the Russian woman, and at 24, Irina Voronina for the first time on the glossy pages announced herself to millions of future fans.

Model and actress

From the modeling career, the former Russian woman gradually moved to the cinema, almost immediately after the first popularity. Time has shown that Irina Voronina as an actress turned out to be less bright than Voronin as one of the beauties of Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy magazine).

Tabloid has been published since 1953 in the USA and has given a start to the bright life of thousands of girls throughout its history. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, many Russian girls also got the chance to use their candid photos to change their lives for the better.

Photo and video of Irina gathered around him a whole army of fans and admirers of her beauty. Among them, of course, was a lot of former compatriots. An example of such success overseas of the Russian emigrant not only pleased many men, but also inspired the girls to the same path.

Playboy Magazine

Much less effect had her role in the frame. Hardly at home or in the US, someone admires her roles, and yet she managed to play 21 heroines on the screen.

Acting experience

The recognition of a girl of the month of any Playboy model provides her with good opportunities, since the authority of the publication has a tangible effect on her future career.Irina Voronina was no exception. After the triumph, on the debut photo shoot, she is invited to television and to the movies. So Irina got her first experience as an actress. She appeared on the screen at 25 years old.

Irina Voronina - model

She was entrusted to make her debut in the drama series “Big Shot: Confessions of Buka from the Campus,” followed by the film “Truth or Action”. In her career, Irina alternated work in television multiseries projects and filming.

Without experience and decent acting training, it was difficult for her to expect great and quick success. It was necessary to be content with small roles in pictures and serials with small budgets. But Irina Voronina consistently received invitations for filming and accumulated acting experience of 10 years.

From adjustment to gloss

Now Irina Voronina, a model and actress of Russian origin, has already celebrated her 40th birthday and is no longer in a movie. The last role she played in 2012.

But even at this age, her body attracts fans, and the model does not forget to please them. From time to time she puts her new photos in revealing outfits or in interesting places.Her attractiveness is almost not confused over time and still makes her popular.

Irina was born in 1977 in the Soviet Dzerzhinsk. A girl in her teens witnessed the collapse of the country and difficult times. From among her contemporaries, the girl was distinguished only by two qualities: outstanding external data and ambitions. At 24, she was not afraid to bare herself and pose in front of the lens for the world's most popular men's magazine. Then, from 2002 to 2012, the girl remained a sought-after actress on American television and in movies.

In the publishing empire of Playboy magazine, as well as in a wide audience of nudity lovers, Irina was valued for the naturalness of her beauty.

Photo by Irina Voronina

Photographers and stylists have noted her natural breasts, which never needed improvement with the help of plastic surgery. In many ways, this particular Russian woman has ensured her success in the modeling business. Natural beauty favorably distinguished her from the other girls.

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